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Local artists are still finding inspiration even in the toughest of times

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Local artists are still finding inspiration even in the toughest of times

Local artists are still finding inspiration even in the toughest of times

Two Chico mural artists tell us how they have found hope through the coronavirus pandemic.


Local artists -- finding inspiration even in the toughest of times.

Action news now reporter mackenzie drigo shows us the latest vision of hope here at home.

Sot christian garcia- muralist at namaste wall "seeing something bright colorful bright vivid things that live in the street, we've been cooped up for so long you know it's nice to have a fresh breathe of air," if you've drive around chico, you may have seen christian garcia and jedrek speers murals.

Sot jedrek speer "with the pandemic theres been kind of a big uptake in art and murals," while have their own works of art - they have worked together before - and with other artists to bring color to our area sot at unity wall "this mural was done by jedrek speer, i was kind of hired on to help him out we've worked on a lot of projects together, its really awesome to work with other artist in the community because it creates a network," sot at the home of the wall he just painted "what do you think a mural brings to a community?

I really think murals are important because they live in outdoor spaces generally, it gives someone a different sense of feeling when they walk by it you could be having a bad day and it might touch somebody in a different way that makes them happy in the positive," garcia recentley finished this mural at a home on sherman avenue in chico sot broll over he is paiting the wall "lot of acrylics, some house paint, some spray paint, different technique, markers and such, whatever you can kind of get your hands on, you can create with" standup "garcia and speer have worked on many other murals in chico but this is the first mural that they have worked on together in paradise," the boys and girls club and california health and wellness commissioned speer to paint the "here we grow" mural.

Sot jedreck speer "its meant to be empowering whether its suppose to be meant to the fire or not," speer told me he came up with the concept with the organizations and got a helping hand from garcia.

Both artist tell me they hope to create more murals together locally and all over the world.

Mackenzie drigo, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Garcia tells action news now that he is working on a project currently with butte college.

If you want to get in contact with one of these muralist, we have their contact info on our website at action news now dot com.

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