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Inmates' Wives Demanding Change

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Inmates' Wives Demanding Change
Inmates' Wives Demanding Change

All showing an additional case new at six as covid-19 cases at the green river correctional complex soar--- inmates' loved ones prepare for a march around the state house-- calling on kentucky governor andy beshear to make a change.

This comes after more than three hundred fifty inmates test positive-- with two passing away after catching the virus.

The prison deferring all questions about the outbreak to the state's capital.

44news reporter joylyn bukovac joins us now with what those inmates' significant others have to say.

The muhlenberg county health department reports at least four hundred and sixty covid-19 cases... the majority of those cases are inmates at the green river correctional complex.

"when i had talked to my husband like two or three weeks after it hit.

He told me he was like, 'everyone in here has the virus.

Everyone un here looks dead.'" there are nine hundred eighty two inmates in the prison-- at least three hundred and fifty of them has tested positive-- two dying after contracting the virus... current inmates loved ones are fearing the worst.

"my fiance.

He's in there.

He has tested positive.

He was showing symptoms before they were tested and he was refused a test."

This stressful time-- is the catalyst for family members of the inmates coming together-- forming prison wives of green river correctional complex.

"i started the group initially for support, but when we were hearing the stories about the conditions that were going on, the way people were being treated, we kind of just rallied together and we said, 'we need to do something about this.'" "wives and finances of these men live all over the world-- united by demanding the same change."

"we are their voices.

We love them so much and we want them to be protected.

We want them to get the chance to shower, have their clothes cleaned."

"these men have been washing their clothes in a sink for at least a month now."

These women tell me-- they are also worrying about their significant other's mental health.

And they are worried about how this may affect their time.

"a lot of these guys utilize programs to knock down their time and since coronavirus is going on they shut down the mental health, they shut down the gym, they are not allowed to do classes, they can't do that sat program.

These are things that credit for their time to knock down their time."

On saturday-- wives of green river correctional complex will be in frankfort-- demanding governor andy beshear intervenes-- forming a safer place for the inmates as they fend off the virus.

"our demands are for the governor to release anyone over the age of 55, anyone with underlying health conditions, anyone who was a juvenile offender, and first time offenders, because that's the way the prison is going to be able to depopulate."

They are also asking for more testing among inmates and staff-- so far 50 prison workers have tested positive for covid-19.

Jb 44news.

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