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Tuesday, 24 May 2022


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Mothers day is this weekend and its going be a little different this year for most americans

Likely too late.

But there are still ways to make it special for mom... n-b-c's liz mclaughlin shows us how.

:00 :35 :52 1:19 mother's day weekend is normally a big one for dining out... (sot: john mcdonnell, clyde's restaurant group) "it's the busiest weekend of the year for our restaurant company" but as many dining rooms across the country limit capacity or remain closed... restaurants are catering to customers staying in.... (sot: john mcdonnell, clyde's restaurant group) "let's make it a nice family package let's make it easy to enjoy mother's day as safely as possible" check mom's favorite local restaurants for special holiday offerings... (nat) a chef-guided meal kit... or maybe brunch... with a bouquet!... in some areas... you can even get a "momosa" delivered!

(sot: monica burton, eater) "it's now possible to send and send a bottle of champagne, send some orange juice and your mom can set up a mimosa bar at home."

Instagram is now offering food orders and gift cards directly through restaurants' profiles - or... order through an app like doordash (sot: katie witman, doordash) "so even starting today, you can go right online and place a scheduled order to have your mom's favorite bakery items or lunch scheduled for noon or anytime on sunday and will be all taken care of."

You can also order an "asap" delivery on sunday, with food dropped at mom's door in 45 minutes or less... (nat) or she can pick her meal with a gift card (nat) whatever the gift... make it more personal with a call, note or virtual visit (sot: elaine swann, etiquette expert) "if no other time we needed we as mom's we really need to be encouraged right now, and we need to know that folks are thinking about us on this special day."

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