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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Paris hospitals near breaking point as Europe endures coronavirus

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Paris hospitals near breaking point as Europe endures coronavirus
Paris hospitals near breaking point as Europe endures coronavirus

Europe continues to struggle with coronavirus cases across the continent.

Paris hospitals are feeling the strain, but there may be possible signs of relief in hard hit Spain.

Lauren Anthony reports.

Europe continued to battle against the coronavirus epidemic on Friday (March 27).

And a warning from France: its government says that hospitals in and around Paris are reaching breaking point and could become saturated with patients within 48 hours.

Some 1,300 patients are in intensive care units there.

The peak not expected until April.

In neighbouring Spain, a possible sign of relief.

Spain's death toll rose above 4,850 overnight.

But a senior health official said the daily increase in the number of fatalities was, in fact, stabilizing.

Spain is second only to Italy in the number of coronavirus deaths worldwide.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus, and is now self-isolating at his Downing Street residence.

But said he would still lead the government's response to the accelerating outbreak.

The UK is set to use firefighters to help deliver food, retrieve dead bodies and drive ambulances if the need arises.

A bleak new measure ahead of the looming peak of the outbreak.

But on a lighter note on Thursday (March 26) night, thousands across the country applauded health workers to show support for those working for the nation's much-loved National Health Service.

Elsewhere, Germany has proposed using big data and location tracking to isolate people with coronavirus once social distancing measures have slowed its spread.

And Hungary, where the epidemic is expected to peak in June or July, is imposing a two-week lockdown.

Coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than 22,000 people across the world.


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