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Thursday, 28 January 2021

Leipzig coach happy that there will be fans present for the game.

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Leipzig coach happy that there will be fans present for the game.
Leipzig coach happy that there will be fans present for the game.

RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelmann says that having the club's fans at their Champions League match against Tottenham will spur them on




(SOUNDBITE) (German) LEIPZIG COACH, JULIAN NAGELSMANN, SAYING: "We are happy that it was decided that there will be fans in the stadium for the game tomorrow and they will spur us on.

That's great for us and would have been a disadvantage for us without the fans.

I can understand that the discussion is still being had because there are other games that are not enjoying the advantage of having a public there.

In terms of the Champions League I don't find it so... it's difficult to compare because it is just one opponent against another opponent and thus is a bit different in the Bundesliga.

But I think the officials will make fair and right decisions.

At the end of the day it is most important to have everyone's health as a priority.

It is not just about the players but about the fans and the infection risk.

And the officials will make the right call.

The second point is to do with the Bundesliga.

I think it needs to stay fair in the Bundesliga and there needs to be a solution found that makes it the same for everybody.

As it is a competition where the results in one stadium influences the situation of another team in another stadium so it needs to stay fair.

And in my opinion there shouldn't be a difference made on which states have more infections and which have less.

It is a bit different in the Champions League and that is why we are very happy about the decision which has been made." STORY: Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann on Monday said he was relived fans would be allowed at the Leipzig leg of the game as many matches are being played in empty stadiums because of the coronavirus.

Leipzig host Tottenham on Tuesday, carrying a solid first leg advantage into the game, with local authorities giving the all-clear for fans to fill the stadium amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Nagelsmann said they will need all the support they can get against Tottenham, who have failed to win any of their last five matches in all competitions.

That poor run includes being knocked out of the FA Cup on penalties by Premier League's basement club Norwich City.

Nagelsmann's team has also been erratic in recent weeks, having won only two of their last seven Bundesliga matches.

He said his players did not need a special wake-up call before such a crucial game and said it was normal for a young team to be nervous beforehand.

(PRODUCTION: Stefan Remter, Alex Mlecko, Tanya Wood)


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