Everfall movie
Everfall movie

Everfall movie trailer HD - Plot synopsis: It's been a year since a tragic accident sidelined Eva (Jessica Mcleod, "Scary Movie 4, Things We Lost in the Fire") from the intense world of competitive figure skating.

In the face of increasing neglect from her boyfriend Daniel (Joe Perry, "A Miracle On Christmas Lake, The Valley Below"), star of the extreme sports YouTube channel dubbed "the Daniel Show," Eva accepts an invitation from her coach (Colm Feore, "House of Cards, The Amazing Spider Man 2") to skate in a mysterious competition in the remote town of Everfall.

Accompanied by Daniel and his cameraman Jordan (Kristian Jackson, "A Miracle on Christmas Lake, Heartland") the trio embark on a journey to document Eva's last chance at redemption.

As a series of terrifying events unfold within the arena, the group confronts a horrifying sacrifice greater than any of them could have imagined.

Genre: Horror Thriller Director: John Kissack Writers: Shaun Crawford, John Kissack Stars: Jessica McLeod, Joe Perry, Kristian Wang