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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

UK Labour's Corbyn to stay as leader until next year

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UK Labour's Corbyn to stay as leader until next year
UK Labour's Corbyn to stay as leader until next year

British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday he did not want to go quickly after Labour suffered its worst election result since 1935 - and that he was prepared to remain leader until the party chooses a successor next year.

Lauren Anthony reports.

He may have lost the election... But UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn plans to stay put - for now at least.

He said on Friday (December 13) he was prepared to stay in his job until the party chooses his replacement next year.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) BRITISH OPPOSITION LABOUR PARTY LEADER, JEREMY CORBYN, SAYING: "Obviously, (I'm) very sad with the result we've achieved and very sad at those colleagues that lost their seats in the election - and very sad for many people in this country who will now have a government that is continuing policies of austerity, and many of the poorest communities, I think, will suffer very badly from the economic strategy that I suspect the prime minister will take forward.

"I will talk to our National Executive about what we do in the future.

I called for last night a period of reflection in the party and, obviously, the ruling body of the party, our National Executive, will decide what process we follow them for the election of a successor to me.

But I am quite prepared, and I was elected to do so, to lead the party until that takes place." Britain is speeding toward Brexit after the Labour party suffered its most brutal defeat since 1935 - losing to the Conservative Party's Boris Johnson.


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