McDonald's New Zealand Launches McVeggie Burger—But....
McDonald's New Zealand Launches McVeggie Burger—But....

According to Business Insider, this week McDonald's New Zealand launched a new meat-free "McVeggie" burger.

The Independent says that the McVeggie is a "A delicious crispy patty made from potato, peas, corn, carrot, and onion." But there's one catch.

It is not completely meat-free.

David Howse, the general manager for McDonald's New Zealand, told The Guardian that the vegetable patty is cooked in the same oil as animal meat.

He explains "With the equipment we have available, we have to cook the patty in the same oil used for other products like McChicken patty." But he says that their new veggie option is marketed at 'flexitarians.'

He adds, "This product is intended for flexitarians, rather than being vegan or vegetarian, but for some vegetarians, our preparation method will be OK." McDonald's may be picking up on cues.

Burger King is facing a lawsuit from vegans who said that their plant-based patties were prepped on the same grill as beef ones.