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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Impeachment Reactions

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Impeachment Reactions
Impeachment Reactions
We ask local people what they think about the impeachment hearings.

Impeachment hearing, experts weighed the current evidence to determine if impeachment is constitutional.

News 12's winston reed gathered thoughts from the community in this local perspective.

Another day of impeachment hearings... the house judiciary committee heard from constitutional experts about whether or not president trumps actions are impeachable offenses.

Today i reached out to the chattanooga community for their thoughts on the hearings.

"what trump has done in term of bribery, quid pro quo, is at the very heart of the impeachment clauses of the constitution.

"i think it's bogus.

I think they are doing it because they didn't win the election and the american people are seeing through it."

"i'm kind of tired of it.

Either you're going to impeach him or you're not.

You have the evidence.

You have him talking about it and asking another country to help him" "i just feel that there are a group of folks in washington who feel that their pockets is hurt by him being elected.

And they are hurt by it and they want the status quo."

Standup not everyone has taking the partison approach.

Some people want to hear both sides of the argument.

"everybody wants to say that these hearings wern't fair or done properly.

I think it's been done according to the house rules.

It was done the same way clinton's impeachment was done.

No different."

"i'll go with whatever the investigation comes up with and whatever congress does."

"people have forgotten that both liberals and conservatives are needed to have a balanced society.

Conservatives and liberals are wrong sometimes and they're right sometimes.

It just depends on what the issue is.

" in chattanooga winston reed news 12 now now,


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