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WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Thanks for joining us tonight..

A world war two veteran from the magnolia state is laid to rest today.

Captain charles hull spent 4 years serving and protecting our country in the army air force.

Today family members and friends gathered to honor and celebrate his life.

Our quentin smith was at the service, he joins us live in the studio.

Scott, captain hull is a decorated world war two bomber pilot.

He completed more than two dozen missions during the war.

The 98 year old passed away this past friday.

Although he's gone, family and friends say the service he gave to this country and his community will never be forgotten.

Bidding farewell to a hero.

"he was incredible man.

Very generous, very loving, very brave."

With heavy hearts... family members and friends said one last goodbye to captain charles hull the winona man loved flying aircraft, and that passion is what led him to join the air force... "he flew the 25 bombing missions, he was a bomber pilot, over germany.

They were successful missions because he came back to be with us and live to 98.

He was awarded the distinguished flying across and air medal for all of that bravery and success he had with that."

Captain hull spent a total of four years in the military and loved what he did.

However, his niece, sandra hull inman says he wasn't too quick to reflect on his time in the military.

"he would get emotional and stuff about it.

And we thought he just had ptsd.

I asked him one day i said, why do you get emotional and start crying when we're taking about the war.

He said, well it's becausei lost so many of my friends."

She says the war had a big impact on her uncle and which led to him retiring from the military.

He went on to became a successful business man in his hometown of winona.

But when asked what she'll miss most about her uncle, hull says it's the quality time that the two always shared..

"he loves football and he liked sec football, so i would go and watch the football games with him every saturday on tv and we'd talk about football, and we'd pull for certain teams that i won't mention right now, but he really enjoyed the football and that's what i'm really going to miss about him is watching football with him.

Nat there was a flyover for the captain during his burial ceremony.

He traveled to all 50 states and to 74 different countries and crossed the artic circled four times.

After proudly serving his country... family members say the decorated veteran can finally rest in peace "he's my hero, and who wouldn't be a hero that did what he did in the war."

In 2016 the state legislature commended hull with a resolution recognizing him for his achievements.

If anyone is interested in making a donation in his honor, just visit our website at wcbi dot com first look stinger first look summary: clouds will be on the increase thursday as the next weather maker approaches.

Rain showers and perhaps a few embedded storms are possible thursday night and friday.

Another period of wet weather is likely from monday afternoon into tuesday.

Wednesday night: mainly clear early with some scattered high clouds as time goes on.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Calm wind.

Thursday: increasing clouds and seasonably mild.

Highs mainly in the lower 60s.

Southerly winds 3-7 mph.

A ripley doctor is being accused of improperly billing medicaid for a joint pain relief drug he never gave patients.

According to court records, doctor christopher j cummins, owner of magnolia state family medicine was paid nearly 84 thousand dollars for supposedly using the drug áhi - al - gin to treat knee pain in his patients between 2010 and 2017.

U.s, attorneys say cummins was actually using a compounded drug being marketed as hi- al-gin and he never told his patients they were not receiving the actual brand name.

The request for reimbursement and damages by the government comes because cummins turned in paper work saying he had used the actual drug and not a compounded version of it.

Beginning in january mississippi's senate will be under new management.

Secretary of state delbert hosemann moves into the lieutenant governor's seat, and lieutenant governor tate reeves will be in the governor's office.

The 2 backed different ideas during the election.

But will those differences turn into a rift in the party, or will it be business as usual?

Courtney ann jackson has more..

No script available 2020on that are like to take reasonable gamble in the senate for the first three days of the session before delbert hausmann for an the role will be sworn in as governor on january 4.

The will mix one and topics that are already raising?

Some republicans, including ozment have expressed work on raising the gas and considering medicaid expansion or perform option, but reese says he will serve the will to the right wheel will want go with intervention in the healthcare set or orange for that reason reeves is softening his position.

Anyone want to process decided that that's what they want to others without the right do it, but it certainly goes against or to the greasy war needs to be done with infrastructure and healthcare, but is it like to see innovative yet conservative solution.

As for his priorities.

So we'll see going to" job patterns are paid off recently like $100 million investment in workforce training.

We also want to build on k-12 successes pointing to the recent number one score for gains on the national chat.

The 2020 legislative session begins january 7students in houston are getting help finding their future job.

Houston high school's new career coach is sharing her experience in the business world.

Allie martin has more.

Joy deason's door is always open at houston high school.

Nats deason started as career coach this august.

The new position is funded through a grant from the create foundation.

"we are the vehicle that takes our students where they're trying to go, and sometimes the dotted line from where they are and where they want to be and can be is just not very obvious."

Each student deason works with starts with an aptitude and interest assessment to find their strengths and skills, and start developing a plan for life after high school.

Deason says a four year college plan is not for every student.

"you don't have to go to college if you don't want to go to college, if that is not where your gifts can shine, there are so many other opportunities for you, if you are ready to learn and work hard you can have a really great future in the state of mississippi."

Standup bridge deason spent years as a business consultant before coming to houston high school.

The principal says students are benefiting from her knowledge and real world experience.

"she can talk to them in a different way then we can, with a different set of experiences, give them some background from a different perspective, that's one of the things that , she works with them on soft skills, what to expect in interviews, connect what we have taught and what we've looked at here."

Deason also spends time working with civic and business leaders in the community, increasing awareness of the career coach program and how it can match potential future employees with local businesses and industries.

In houston, allie martin, wcbi news deason will soon start working with 8th graders to help them get an earlier start on charting their career paths.

Take vo off top a teacher at fairview elementary in columbus is finding that if you want to keep students from átuningá out, you have to keep them áplugged iná..

Our educator of the week - vanessa williams - is using technology to get her 3rd graders ready for some big tests// williams and her class are using an app called i- measure their growth over the semester.

She's making sure her kids are as plugged in at school, as they are at home.

"technology is in all of their lives....everything that they do from the time that they get up to the time that they go to bed they are on a ps ipad something an iphone something... butted sot "this is my reward...i don't ned anything else...i could do this for free if i absolutely have to" to nominate your favorite teacher...visit wcbi dot com stinger you got over only going about the show.

Everybody's on trying to get a little quicker.

I appreciate that i was holding this is the best loser's office in birmingham by this evening and missiles re-create their is a very great process going to alabama that you are pretty cool out there rain showers and perhaps a few embedded storms are possible thursday night and friday.

Another period of wet weather is likely from monday afternoon into tuesday.

Wednesday night: mainly clear early with some scattered high clouds as time goes on.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Calm wind.

Thursday: increasing clouds and seasonably mild.

Highs mainly in the lower 60s.

Southerly winds 3-7 mph.

Thursday night: becoming cloudy with showers possible.

Lows in the mid to upper 40s.

Friday: mostly cloudy with areas of rain.

A few embedded storms are also possible.

Rainfall totals between 1/4" and 3/4" may occur.

Highs in the mid to upper 50s.

Weekend: variably cloudy skies both saturday and sunday.

It may be mostly cloudy at times and we can't rule out a few isolated showers sunday.

Highs in the upper 50s saturday and near 60 on sunday.

Early next week: another potent system is slated to push across the eastern united states.

We're expecting an uptick in rain and storms chances here monday afternoon into monday night.

Lingering showers may hang around on tuesday.

Temperatures will trend cooler for the middle of next week.

Follow stinger a basketball coaching legend passes away// tom has a look back at the coach jimmy mccdonald's career a litter later in sports.

Later in sports.

With the flu season in full swing it's important to know when symptoms are severe enough that you may need to make a trip to the emergency room// we learn more tonight in our health talk with baptist// hi, i'm doctor pam sykes, a pediatrician on staff at baptist memorial hospital - golden triangle.

Tonight i want to talk to you about fever.

Fever is a temperature greater than 100.4 taken rectally.

And while fever may be very alarming, it is actually our body doing its job to fight off infection.

So really fever is our friend.

The age of the child determines whether fever should be a cause for alarm.

In a baby younger than 2 months, fever can indicate a serious infection such as meningitis, urinary tract infection or pneumonia.

So a baby younger than 2 months old with fever should be taken to their pediatrician or the er immediately.

For a baby older than 2 months, fever can be viewed as a symptom or sign of infection and treated as follows: in an infant 2-6 months old, fever can be treated with acetaminophen .

In a child older than six months, fever can be treated with ibuprofen or acetaminophen .

When to seek medical care in a child this age depends on other symptoms and does not require being seen immediately.

So as long as a child is able to drink enough fluids to remain hydrated, and is not lethargic or inconsolable, fever can be treated at home and the patient can wait to see their regular pediatrician.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist.

Stinger noxubee county and corinth prepare for its biggest game of the year more from our state championship in sports... our high school football state championship continue...previe wing the class 3a and 4a title games... our first stop checking in with the noxubee county tigers and first year head coach teddy young..

Talk about getting hot, and healthy, at the right time....noxubee county outscoring opponents 121-26 in the postseason the tigers in the championship game for the seventh time in program history....facing off with jefferson davis county, or formerly known as bassfield...the jaguars another team that got hot at the right time, giving up just 13 points in the playoffs young says he's confident in his guys, and their ability to lock in for the big moment "these kids, they know that when it's playoff time, it's our time.

They locked in, they know what's at stake.

From the beginning of the year, we've been saying we want to get to hattiesburg, so when playoff time came around, everyone locked in."

"we expect them to run the ball a lot.

Very little throwing, and we expect to stop them."

"it was a lot of doubt at first.

Nobody expected us to be in the championship this year.

We just come to practice to work, and silence the doubters."

Noxubee county and jefferson davis county face off a 3 pm friday at mm roberts stadium in the 4a state e corinth warriors will compete for a title for the first time since 2001.... the warriors putting together one of it's best seasons in school loss coming to tupelo, and outside of that, outscoring opponents 43-11 corinth will face poplarville in a matchup between two of 4a's top rushing offenses....#1 vs #3 in total rushing, both with a team total over 4200 warriors head coach todd lowery has the qualities that you'd expect from a championship caliber team "they have grit.

Just a gritty, hungry team that wants to win.

Another word would be selfless.

They are selfless.

We've got a lot of weapons.

We got a lot of guys that can carry the ball, catch the ball, and throw the ball.

But when it comes down to it, they just want to win.

It doesn't matter who gets the ball.

Offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, they all just play hard, together and as a team."

"we had got that loss against tupelo.

We lost to them by 3 points.

I feel like after that game, we knew that loss really hurt us.

We didn't want to go down the same road that we down the year before that.

I feel like that homecoming game when we went into olive branch that was the game that set it right there.

It set the tone."

Just in case you are also looking to's how you can..check local listings!!!!

Myms channel friday -- 3a noxubee county vs jefferson davis county -- 11am --1a nanih waiya vs lumberton -- 3 pm --6a oxford vs oak grove -- 7 pm saturday --4a corinth vs poplarville -- 11 am --2a charleston vs taylorsville -- 3 pm --5a west point vs picayune -- 7 pm it's been 10 days since we last saw mississippi state men's hoops play a game.... while the break would drive most coaches and players mad...there was a reason behind the scheduling head coach ben howland saying the schedule was built that way in hopes of getting nick weatherspoon back for the myrtle beach invitational....and to have the all- sec guard back for its biggest game "initially, going into the season, i thought there was a good chance based on information that was being fed to me that nick would be eligible after missing just five more games.

So in order to have him ready to play that villanova game, which is what we were shooting for, we front loaded the schedule.

Played four games prior to going to myrtle beach where typically, you'd only play three.

That's why this break occurred, is why tried to front load it expecting him to be back, but it didn't work out" sad news out of houlka today...basketbal l coaching legend jimmy guy mcdonald has died...the daily journal first reported.

Mcdonald coached for 49 years....winning a total of 1,772 games as a boys and girls basketball coach, spending most of that time with the houlka wildcats mcdonald led three state championship teams, as well as a grand slam title back in 1975 mcdonald was 71 years old we'll be back after the break ... i promise to see and there is a okay is our so i will wake up in the 30s back.

You so i drove with her tomorrow.

Rain will possible produce some of you don't the weekend i should be generally okay, but will read it until you have done as bird borrowers are important for


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