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Parents weigh in on FWCS superintendent search

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Parents weigh in on FWCS superintendent search
Parents weigh in on FWCS superintendent search

Hunter petroviak.thanks for joining us.

The search for someone to lead the state's largest school district is ramping up.

Fort wayne community schools superintendent doctor wendy robinson is retiring at the end of the school year.

This week ... parents are giving their thoughts on what the school board should look for in her replacement.

Fox 55's cody butler is live outside the grille administration building with more.

Cody?in the 17 years since dr. wendy robinson took the top job ... teachers tell me f-w-c-s has become like a family.a family parents would like to see stay intact with her replacement.

"put someone in place that can do an even better job than dr. robinson has, even though that's a tall task."noah smith is one of about a dozen commumity members who wants their voice heard in the search for a new superintenden t.he says finding a new leader for fort wayne community schools shouldn't be hard to find."i think this is probably going to be a premier job destination for someone in that role."people at tonight's meeting outlined what they saw as strenghts and challenges in the district.everything from being financially stable to issues behind last month's red for ed action day."it's not a fire they are coming to put out and then try to rebuild a house.

The house is built.

We need to get some additions to it and do some cosmetics is what we think."the fort wayne community schools board of trustee is trusting consultant dr. jim morris with the search.he agrees f-w-c-s is already selling it self to candidates."we are excited about this search because it's a great district and we are impressed by the board members."morris says this is a true nationwide search and takes some time."we go after these people who are really doing an outstanding work where they are now and would like an oportunity like fort wayne."smith says whoever is in charge ... whether it be someone already working in the district or across the country ... they need to be ready.

"we're hoping for someone who comes out loud and passionate about these key issues, makes their voice known and heard."

If you didn't make to tonight's meeting ... there will be two more just like it this week.including one tomorrow afternoon at the family and community engagement center downtown.

Reporting live ... cody butler ...

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