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Black Friday in full effect at Jefferson Pointe

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Black Friday in full effect at Jefferson Pointe
Shoppers line the stores at Jefferson Pointe for Black Friday.

3 black friday continues to be one of the busiest days of the holiday season.

And jefferson pointe shoppers definitely finished some of their christmas shopping before the sun even rose.

Our very own mallory beard gives us the details.

It wasn't long before jefferson pointe filled up with customers who arrived eager for an early morning shopping spree.

Mary march//shopper "we went to wal-mart; then we went to macy's; then to jc penney; and then two of us are over at menard's right now."some customers completed their christmas shopping in a matter of hours, while some fell head over heels for the good sales.

Anita mattson//shopper"i try to get christmas gifts, but sometimes i get things that aren't gifts at all-- they're just "stuff i want."shoppers huddled the storefronts in hopes of getting first dibs on coveted items...even in the dark, frigid hours before sunrise.

Mary march//shopper "i never went to sleep.

I've probably been out since midnight and i got out here since 5...close to 5 actually."

Black friday can sometimes bring a rowdy crowd, turning a shopping spree into a shopping nightmare.

However, shoppers say that's not always the case.

Anita mattson//shopper"it's a tradition and we do it.

I dont ever have a big agenda where i have to fight people for things.

It's just fun to come."

In fort wayne, i'm mallory beard, fox 55 news.

Be sure to get your black friday shopping done if you have the time tonight.

But don't fret if you can't, cyber monday is right around the corner.

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