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Turkey Feast on a budget

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Turkey Feast on a budget
Ways to save money as you prepare for the holiday food haul

Connected to it./// it's hard to believe... but thanksgiving is just one week away.

You probably have a shopping list already put together..

And are busy prepping for a big meal.

While the holidays are a time to be generous... it doesn't have to be expensive.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco is showing us how to build a meal without breaking the bank.

Isabella... what's cooking?

Katie and george... let's say you have 100 dollars.

You can get all the essentials in a meal like turkey..green beans..mashed potatoes... you could even pick up some preámade sides if you want to save time.

You can even split your budget in half if you do most of the prep work yourself.

Here are some other details you should know before you start cooking.

I stopped at two stores who showed me what you can do to save a buck or two for a big... full thanksgiving meal.

At ye olde butcher shop... the owner suggests frozen turkeys for people with tighter budgets.

"frozenprobably going e between 50 cents and a dollar less than fresh."

But give 100 dollars to a big grocery store chain like hyávee?

Here's what you can get for much less money.

"if you are looking to get the major staples, the meat, the veggies, the potatoes, maybe even a pie and doing it yourself, under 50 dollars is reasonable."

For the another thing that's good to note.

Canned vegetables can be much cheaper to buy than fresh.

For example... canned green beans cost 24 cents a can while fresh green beans are 2.99/lb.

Live in rochester... isabella basco... kimt news 3.

Thank you isabella.

On kimt news 3 at 10 á we'll delve deeper into other things you can do to save money on next week's feast.

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