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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Colombians across the country protest Duque gov't.

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Colombians across the country protest Duque gov't.
Colombians across the country protest Duque gov't.

At a time of unrest in several South American countries, Colombian unions and student groups marched in Bogota and other cities on Thursday to insist that Colombian President Ivan Duque's government maintain minimum wages for young people and the right to a pension, and that he implement a peace accord.

At a time of widespread unrest in other Latin American countries, police this week raided activists and a culture magazine ahead of the protest while Colombia's President Ivan Duque warned his government will not tolerate violence.

In Bogota, Mad at Colombian President Ivan Duque's failure to implement what protesters said were empty promises of peace following a civil war, they took to the streets to vent their frustrations as part of a nationwide strike.

The president also has repeatedly denied that he plans to propose pension and tax reform laws containing the changes alleged by protesters.

He said he immediately rejected the idea of reducing youth salaries when a think tank proposed it.

Other groups of marchers protested what they say is a lack of government action to prevent the murder of hundreds of human rights activists, corruption at universities and other issues.

Supporters of the march, which include major unions, allege Duque's government also wants to make the public pension fund Colpensiones private and differentiate salaries by region.

Duque this week authorized local authorities to adopt exceptional measures to contain protests if needed, including curfews and limits on carrying weapons and the sale of alcohol.


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