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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Thursday Morning Sprint

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Thursday Morning Sprint
Thursday Morning Sprint
Madison city leaders passed the 2020 budget.

Morning sprint... as we get you started with everything you need to know before you head out the door.

We start in madison this morning... where the city has its budget for next year.

You can expect to see a property tax increase of 3- point-6 percent... which is abourt 94 dollars on the average home.

It also includes fundi for three new police officers... and an independent police monitor.

The council also passed an amendment to the budget -- for an extra ambulance to fire station 14 -- but no additional staff.

Earlier this week -- the council rejected an amendment that would have added both the ambulance and 10 paramedic positions.

The state journal says the amendment sets money aside for the ambulance ... but the department won't get it until 20-21.

Governor evers is defending comments he made... when he called state republican senators quote 'bastards.'

((( , "dont let the bastards keep you down" is a term of art, not an insult..."))) republican senate majority leader scott fitzgerald says evers is being quote 'shockgly disrespectful.'

An estimated 20- thousand drivers travel on monroe street each day.

Its been one year since the road's pavement was patched... but what's still a struggle... is getting people back inside these businesses.

Now is a critical time for monroe street businesses--- the holiday shopping season has begun... and small business saturday is just about two weeks away.

We heard from ben brady... the general manager of every earlier in the show.

He says it depends on who you talk to... but the monroe street merchants association is working to remind people they're here!

And monroe street is a great place to do your holiday shopping.

Tha starts on small business saturday... which is two weeks from this saturday.

You can learn more about the tenth annual event... on our website, channel 3000 dot com.

Today: mostly cloudy skies this morning becoming partly sunny this afternoon; not quite as cold.

High: 31 wind: w 6-12 mph tonight: mostly clear and cold.

Low: 18 wind: w 5-10 mph a new report in the medical journal 'the lancet' says the climate crisis will have a major affect on your children's lives.

It says that a warmer planet translates to more disease... famine and early death, which will cause problems for future generations that will last a lifetime.

Not all hope is lost, though... the report says taking drastic action right now to reduce carbon emissions could change the dire outlook.

Some people are being billed for electric... when their houses went dark -- during a power outage.

P-g-and-e customers in california found their bills had an estimated usage for the days they were in the dark.

This comes less than a month after the most recent shutoff... as fires tore through northern california.

The company is issuing a 100- dollar credit if they went more than 48 hours without power.

Many people say they haven't see that credit yet.

Israel's foreign minister announed the targeting and killing of gaza militants will continue... just hours after a cease-fire was announced.

Fighting between gaza's miilitant islamic jihad group and israel started when israel killed a senior commander with the islamic jihads in gaza early tuesday... prompting a two-day round of violence.

At least 32 palestinians are dead as a result of the fighting.

President trump hosted the president of turkey this week -- despite tensions last month after the u-s military pulled out of syria.

Lawmakers criticized the white house for not rescinding the invitation to the turkish leader... since his forces have since invaded kurdish lands.

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied near the white house in opposition.

Day one of public impeachment hearings revealed a link that may further implicate president trump in a pressure campaign against ukraine.

Ambassador bill taylor testified one of his staffers overheard a phone call between the president and e-u ambassador gordon sondland, discussing quote "the investigations" into the bidens.

President trump said he recalls no such conversation.

Vice president mike pence is once again planning a visit to wisconsin.

His office says he'll tour and speak at marinette marine in marinette on wednesday.

The vice president was first scheduled to visit the company in october, but it was cancelled at the last minute.

The democratic presidential race is getting yet another candidate.

Former massachusetts governor deval patrick is announcing his candidacy today.

He'll make the announcement coming up on cbs this morning.

We're just a few months away from the start of primary season with the iowa caucus ... on february 3rd.

Facebook says it's shut down billions of fake accounts... but millions are likely still up and running.

So far... more than five billion have been removed this year alone.

The company's announcement highlights some of the challenges social media platforms are facing ahead of the high-stakes 20-20 election.

The company says as many as five-percent of its monthly users are fake.

The walmart that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting is reopening today... the store in el paso, texas is working on building a permanent memorial to honor the 22 people who were killed.

26 others were injured in that massacre.

Students in a suburb of milwaukee will be back in class today... with a heavy police presence.

This -- after classes in the shorewood school district were canceled yesterday.

The cancellation came after investigators found a high school student with a 'hit list' in his pocket, and loaded magazine in his backpack.

Superintendent bryan davis says investigators found the gun matching the magazine off- campus.

A local woman is facing charges for bringing a weapon into a high school in madison.

It happened at east high... police say 19- year-old juanecia thompson -- who is not an east student -- refused to leave the school after a disturbance with a student.

Police say she spit on the school resource officer... and had a stun gun and pepper spray in her pockets.

A wisconsin company is under osha investigation for carbon monoxide exposure... after about two dozen employees got sick at work in just the past week.

The stevens point location of 'donaldson' -- a manufacturing plant -- is working with osha as they work to fix the equipment issues that might have led to those illnesses.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Watching slowdowns on the westbound beltline already, on and off the brakes between stoughton road and seminole hwy plan on at least 5 min extra added to your time.

Inbound john nolen picking up near the rimrock d olin ave intersections as you head into downtown.

Give yourself an extra minute approaching the hwy pd intersection north and southbound and other main routes coming into madison are moving at the usual speeds with no crashes or delays.

With your first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: mostly cloudy skies this morning becomingartly sunny this afternoon; not quite as cold.

High: 31 wind: w 6-12 mph tonight: mostly clear and cold.

Low: 18 wind: w 5-10 mph


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