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Thursday, 21 January 2021

Child Mental Health Concerns

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Child Mental Health Concerns
Child Mental Health Concerns
Child Mental Health Concerns

Health research says new research says mental health disorders have surpassed physical conditions as the most common reasons "children" have limitations.

The "american academy of pediatrics" just published the information today.

The group says mental health disorders affect 1 in 5 children.

These disorders can impact thinking, feeling, mood, and behavior.

Researchers say many affected children aren't getting the help they need.

News 10's dominic miranda spoke with a mental health professional today.

He joins us now to explain why addressing mental health "early" is so important.

I spoke with missy burton today at the hamilton center.

She's a clinical supervisor for child and adolescent services.

Burton told me about what's called..

The aces study.

It's to help bring to light "why" children suffer from mental health disorders.


The study looks at adverse child experiences.

Some examples would be a child's parents getting divorced.


Abuse .


Death of a loved one .


And poverty.

Research shows not addressing these issues during childhood can create more problems later in life.

These are behavioral.




Or even physical ailments.

Sometimes, the unaddressed mental issues can even lead to early death.

Burton says that's why it's absolutely vital to intervene early.

"they don't have the resiliency factors yet and so we need to help them develop those skills to say this is really hard.


But i believe you can get through it and i'm going to be here to help you get through it."

/// helping them process and know that their emotions are validated and that their experiences are validated and that we're here to help them is very important."

Burton says as soon as parents see something impairing their child's life.


That's when they should step in.

Whether that be socially.






She stressed tackling it early can prevent a lifelong impact of health issues.



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