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Friday, 17 September 2021

Healthy holiday ideas from ShopRite

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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Healthy holiday ideas from ShopRite
Healthy holiday ideas from ShopRite
Healthy holiday ideas from ShopRite

Mostly sunny chilly 40 northwest when it six to twelve miles per hour overnight lows dropping back into the twenties 20s increasing clouds late snow shower west and for tomorrow scattered snow showers are coding to an inch backlit vehicle was slick spots especially north 537 a shower friday followed by steadier rainfall friday night saturday saturday periods of rain rain could be heavy at times it 51 looks like we'll see half a half an inch to an inch of rain in the that promise to bring "joy to your waistline" this holiday season.

Jaciel's in the kitchen with morgan laugier , a registered dietitian at shoprite of bethlehem, to tell 830 am news 830 am news >>>eve russo: this morning's flurries and clouds will clear for some chilly afternoon sun today, as temperatures top out around 40.

Here's a frigid live look over 7th and hamilton streets in downtown allentown.

>>>jaciel cordoba: today on 69 news at sunrise... a lehigh county family is recovering..

After losing everything in a fire... president trump threatens a government shutdown... >>>eve russo: plus... the senate's longes?serving republican prepares to say goodbye.

>>>jaciel cordoba: good morning, i'm jaciel cordoba.

>>>eve russo: and i'm eve russo.

Those stories and more in a moment.

>>>jaciel cordoba: first, let's take a look at the roads with steve mittman in the 69 news traffic center.

>>>steve mittman: >>>jaciel cordoba: first at sunrise..

Officials have identified a man who was killed after an apartment fire in whitehall township last week.

>>eve russo: the coroner says 4?

Yea?old sean mich died from burns and smoke inhalation.

The fire hit an apartment building on north 13th street last friday..

One of mich's family members says his apartment was at the center of all the damage.

>>>eve russo: that fire also forced ten families?

More than 20 people?

From their homes... the red cross has been helping them over the past few days.

>>jaciel cordoba: we caught up with one of those families trying to rebuild after losing nearly everything.

Here's wfmz's julia rose.

>>nats "you can sleep through anything."

>>reporter: ?week old leo?

Resting comfortably in his mother's arms?

Peacefully unaware that his life was turned upside down four days ago.

>>samantha cisneros: "we lost everything, everything we built together for the last eight years."

>>reporter: samantha cisneros, her husband victor and little leo watched their whitehall apartment building burn down friday night.

>>samantha cisneros: "we ran out with nothing."

>>reporter: one person was killed in the fire.

The cisneros know they're lucky to be alive?

Their yorkie bentley was able to escape too... but now they're starting from scratch.

>>samantha cisneros: "everything we had for him was brand new, everything we got from our baby shower, the hospital, everything."

>>reporter: as they sit on the floor of their new apartment just a few buildings away from their old one...they reflect on a very long day.

>>samantha cisneros: "ah very busy, very busy."

>>reporter: they spent hours moving into the new place and r?stocking on clothing, food, bottles, a crib...all the necessities for leo...all through donations.

>>samantha cisneros: "we were not expecting any of it."

>>reporter: samantha says once news of the devastating fire spread?

The love and support came pouring in.

A family member set up a gofundme page which has already collected close to 2,000 dollars.

>>samantha cisneros: "people were sending stuff from amazon, got us a pack and play for him..."*butted wit* "it's amazing how many people can help two weeks before christmas."

>>reporter: friends, family and even perfect strangers?

Overwhelming the cisneros with kindness and generosity.

They say it's not only a huge help...but also an inspiration.

>>samantha cisneros: "once we're up on our feet we're going to start donating every year to help people in need."

>>reporter: and although their journey to rebuild has only just begun?

Samantha and victor say they're staying strong and moving forward with a little help from the community?

And a whole lot of love for their little boy.

>>nats "you just gotta stay strong for the baby."

>>reporter: in whitehall, julia rose, 69 news.

>>>jaciel cordoba: the battle over a border wall could lead to a partial government shutdown.

>>>eve russo: president trump wants funds for his lon?

Promised wall between the ?s and mexico.

But democratic leaders don't seem likely to bend.

John lorinc has more.

President trump issues an ultimatum.

Either come up with a chunk of the money needed to build a border wall, or he'll shu?down parts of the government.

President trump/no font needed "we have to have border security.

We have to have a wall as part of border security."

The deadline to fund the wall is december 2?

St.....and there appears to be a lack of democratic support.


Chuck schumer/ ?new york "if he sticks to his position for a $5 billion dollar wall he will get no wall and he will get a shutdown."


Nancy pelosi/?

Minority leader "we have a trump shutdown as a christmas present, a holiday present to the american people."

Senator schumer is urging mister trump to accept one of two suggestions: the senate's bipartisan deal to spend on?

Poin?six billion dollars to beef up border security.... or approve a on?year, on?

Poin?three billion dollar resolution that will keep security measures funded as is.

But the president doesn't seem interested in either offer.

President trump/no font needed "the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country.

So, i will take the mantle.

I will be the one to shut it down.

I'm not going to blame you for it."

Only about 2?

Percent of the federal government would be >>>eve russo: president trump's former lawyer will soon learn whether cooperating with federal investigators helped his case.

Michael cohen's sentencing hearing is scheduled for 11 o'clock at a courthouse in manhattan.

Cohen pleaded guilty to misleading congress about a trump real estate project in moscow..

And orchestrating payments to two women who said they had affairs with trump.

Cohen also dodged ?

Poin??million dollars in taxes.

He could get around four years in prison.

His lawyers have asked for leniency.

>>>eve russo: lawyers for former white house national security adviser michael flynn are calling his false statement to the ??i "an uncharacteristic error in judgment."

Flynn hopes to avoid jail time when he's sentenced this week.

Last year, flynn pleaded guilty to lying about conversations with russia's ambassador to the ?s during the presidential transition period.

His lawyers have requested a sentence of probation and community service.

The special prosecutor looking into russia's contacts with the trump campaign says flynn's cooperation supports no jail time.

>>>jaciel cordoba: the longes?serving republican senator in history is stepping down today.

>>>eve russo: orrin hatch will give his farewell address on the senate floor later this morning.

He's been part of the senate for more than four decades.

Hatch passed more than 800 bills into law... and was crowned the "most effective in the senate" by the no?partisan center for effective lawmaking research group.

Some of hatch's more significant accomplishments include the americans with disabilities act and the tax cuts and jobs act.

The 8?yea?old from utah was first elected to his seat in 1?76.

>>>jaciel cordoba: france is hunting for a man who opened fire near a christmas market, killing three people and wounding 13.

It happened yesterday in the eastern city of strasbourg?

Home to the european parliament.

Authorities say the attacker is a 2?yea?

Old with a police record in france and neighboring germany who had been flagged for extremism.

The shooting is now being investigated as terrorism..

But there's no word on a motive.

French officials say five people have been detained, but the gunman is still at large.

>>>eve russo: bill cosby's lawyers have filed a list of 11 alleged trial errors as they try to undo his sexual assault conviction.

Their motion claims the judge had a feud with a key pretrial witness, the former county prosecutor who declined to arrest cosby a decade earlier.

They also say his decisions to let five other accusers testify and dismiss the promise not to charge cosby are grounds for a new trial.

A jury convicted the 8?yea?old cosby this spring of drugging and molesting a woman in 2004.

He was sentenced to ?t?10 years behind bars.

>>>jaciel cordoba: google's ??o faced some tough questions on capitol hill yesterday.

>>>eve russo: still ahead on the news at sunrise... more on the tech company's plans for a search engine in china.

>>>jaciel cordoba: and airlines across the country are getting ready for the holiday rush.

We'll take a look at this season's travel forecast... after the break.

Stay with us.

>>>eve russo: it was another se?saw day on wall street tuesday..

With stocks ending the day mixed.

A big morning rally was followed by a brief afternoon drop.

The dow fell 53 points..

The s&p 500 index was down less than a point..

But the nasdaq composite added 11 points.

Oil prices were up, with benchmark u.s. crude up 65 cents, closing at 5?65 a barrel.

>>>jaciel cordoba: president trump says he would consider intervening in the justice department's case against a top chinese executive.

Yesterday...trump said that if he thinks it would be good for what could potentially be the largest trade deal ever made with china...he would intervene if necessary.

A canadian court granted bail yesterday to meng wanzhou .

She was arrested at the united states' request.

The u.s. has accused huawei of using a hong kong shell company to sell equipment in iran in violation of u.s. sanctions.

>>>eve russo: google's ??o says his company has no plans "right now" to launch a censored search engine in china.

Sundar pichai was grilled by members of the house judiciary committee yesterday on various topics, including perceived bias against conservative viewpoints.

That's something google denies.

Google has not offered search services in china since it largely left the country in 2?10.

If that changes, pichai promised to be "fully transparent" about the move.

>>>jaciel cordoba: as google struggles to protect the personal information on its plus service, a lot of people are wondering what to do.

>>>eve russo: 5?an??hal?million users had their personal information stolen last month.

Our consumer tech reporter jamey tucker explains who should worry, and how to delete your account today.

Google plus was supposed to be the next great social network when it launched in 2011.

A billion people downloaded it.

Some even thought it would overtake facebook.

It was ahead of its time with exciting features facebook didn't have..

You probably signed up for an account, if so, your information may be in the hands of bad guys selling it on the dark web.

Signing up for google plus, required giving it our name, email address and occupation.

Not as bad as passwords that's true, but you don't want that information going to just anybody.

Google says 52.5 million of its plus users lost that informatio last month.

This is important: google said it doesn't affect every person, only google plus members.

I don't know anyone who still uses their google plus account.

It's just sitting there.

It's been 7 years, do you even remember?

Here's how to find out if your google plus account is out there: log in to your google plus account, it's different from gmail and youtube.

Go to plu?do?googl?do?


If you have an account you'll see another option to see your plus account.

Click settings, scroll to the bottom and delete the says doing this won't affect your other google accounts like gmail and youtube.

Google had planned to shut down google plus anyway next august, but because of the recent breaches, it'll shut down in april.

But if you have a google plus account you never use, i suggest shutting it down sooner rather than later.

That's what the tech, i'm jamey tucker.

>>>jaciel cordoba: the senate has passed a mult?billio?

Dollar farm bill to fund agriculture and food aid programs. the legislation passed by an 8?t?13 vote...and comes with an estimated price tag of 86?billion dollars over 10 years.

For months it had been caught up in tense negotiations over the supplemental nutrition assistance program, formerly known as food stamps.

The bill reauthorizes crop insurance and conservation programs, and legalizes the industrial production of hemp.

The house is expected to pass the legislation soon and send it to president trump for his signature.

>>>eve russo: complaints about metal found in a popular breakfast food triggered a nationwide recall yesterday.

Over 2?thousand pounds of jimmy dean sausage is being recalled across the country.

U.s. officials say 5 consumer complaints of meta?infused sausage led to the recall.

The read?t?eat sausage links were produced in a tennessee factory and shipped to 21 states.

The u.s. department of agriculture plans to publish a list of retailers that received potentially tainted sausage.

>>>jaciel cordoba: verizon says its media brand oath is essentially worthless.

The telecom company says oath?

Which includes yahoo and ?


Has a "brand value" of 20?million dollars.

When it was created last year, verizon said its brand value was nearly*?billion* in a filing with the ??

C, verizon says oath has been facing growing competition and market pressure, causing lowe?tha?

Expected earnings.

Verizon says it will focus more on wireless technology and less on content and distribution.

>>>eve russo: delta air lines wants to change the way people board its flights.

Beginning next is getting rid of zone boarding.'s turning toward a new process based on ticket type and color.

Passengers that need extra time will board first...followed by premium passengers in its delta one suites...then its first class guests.

This will be followed by passengers sitting in "comfor?plus"...and then members of delta's frequent flyer program.

Finally...ecomony passengers will board...with those who purchased the cheapest tickets boarding last.

>>>eve russo: ?s airlines expect a fiv?poin?two percent increase in air travel during the christmas and new year's break.

The trade group airlines for america says an estimated 4?

Poin??million passengers will fly on a ?s airline during the 1?day stretch.

Since last christmas, airlines have added 14?thousand seats per day their flights, which they hope will handle the expected increase.

The busiest day is expected to be the friday before christmas.

And the leas?busy days are expected to be christmas eve and christmas day.

>>>jaciel cordoba: time to get a look at our forecast.

>>>eve russo: meteorologist matt broderick is in the weather center.

>>>matt broderick: >>>steve mittman: >>>jaciel cordoba: we're proving a healthy holiday rtu good morning thank you well not too bad out there at that twenties and thirties across-the-board thirty two in reading twenty nine in pottsville thirty one lancaster twenty seven the 20s and 30s across the board 32 in reading 29 in pottsville 31, lancaster 27 pottstown 33 we have valley low 30s up to the north as well is a little bit of a breeze which a notice from time to time about six to twelve miles per hour the temperature very similar to yesterday ram rant about right around 40 or so when terror starts on friday the twenty first at five 523 fetishes nine days away to the shortest day of the year and then we can increase the day this is week day this is we the daylight as we move forward about the christmas light weekend you not great saturday is mild if you want to battle the raindrops he can put up lights but fifty one is the afternoon i all in all things will get a little better as sunday progresses and for most of you have your lights and decorations up already wednesday partly to mostly sunny here and and on the chilly side we still have some lingering closeting of flurry and a couple of spots left though still chilly tomorrow cloudier will disturbance comes through i could see your scattering of snow showers or you might even just look at is a period of lights.

Smelled and some rain that mixes and at the same time.

Now as far as accumulations go.

I could see it coding maybe even up to an inch or so in the poconos this to be mainly on non-paved surfaces but if it comes in the morning with the temperature still below freezing there could end up being a couple of slick spots assistance on local roads around have to at least keep an eye out for the record time but it doesn't take much of course to cause some slippery conditions then we get much milder by friday i could see a shower during the day especially in the afternoon within but then the rain will start to increase by friday night and saturday night rain looks like it might want to come down a little heavy at times rain and snow appear in the upper midwest.

There are some of those flurries and scattered snow showers that are continuing to diminish for you can see the lingering clouds if you are seeing clouds though should start to break up a little bit over the next couple of hours rainfall amounts and this only takes us through later friday night you can see a third to a half to three quarters of an inch but overall with this next rainstorm it looks like a half an inch to an inch of rain a pretty good likely partly to mostly sunny chilly 40 for the afternoon.

I've north west wind at 6 to 12 tonight and a twenty six increasing clouds a late snow shower mainly off to the west and the rest of the seven-day forecast tomorrow thirty seven scattered snow showers according to an inch in the best chance of an inch north mainly non- paved surfaces but there may be a slick spot or two friday a shower and then friday night saturday steadier rain some of that rain heavy at times saturdays five fifty one a remaining shower or two on sunday one last check of the roosevelt season*is possibl* this morning... eve's in the kitchen with morgan laugier , a registered dietitian at shoprite of bethlehem, to show us some festive and guil?

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>>>jaciel cordoba: >>>eve russo: it's time now to see what you thought about today's "red light green light"