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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Mike Braun Unseats Joe Donnelly in Indiana Race

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Mike Braun Unseats Joe Donnelly in Indiana Race
Mike Braun Unseats Joe Donnelly in Indiana Race
Mike Braun Unseats Joe Donnelly in Indiana Race

It's history in the making tonight - as election workers count the final votes - to see whether the tri-state area will remain mostly red or go blue - following the 20-18 mid-term election.

Good evening, welcome to 44 news at 10 - i'm amanda decker.

And i'm macleod hageman.

With a number of closely watched races in the tri-state - democrats and republicans are on the edge of their seats tonight as election workers and machines tally those final numbers.

44news reporter amanda porter joins us live from the republican watch party with more.


Thanks amanda.

Even though a number of republicans are expected to win the 20-18 mid-term election in the tri-state - there are several close races - leaving democrats pretty confident about tonight's results.

That's right - from the closely-watched senate race between incumbent democratic senator joe donnelly and republican candidate mike braun - to a number of smaller down-ballot races in the tri-state - many democrats are hoping for a some change in the tri-state.

44news reporter jeff goldberg joins us live from the republican watch party in kentucky with more.


There's another big race in our region today - this one in indiana.

Republican mike braun makes a run for the u-s senate seat held by democrat joe donnelly - and the latest numbers have braun leading senator donnelly.

Braun was traveling around central indiana - with one final push to the polls today.

He touched on many topics - surrounding ending 'business as usual ' in washington.

He says he's encouraged by the number of voters hitting the polls.

Mike braun/republican senate candidate says, 'i think this is the lead race and they like the idea that an outsider and business guy is actually running.

And i think thatús drawing a crowd at these voting places and i think theyúre also energized by an agenda that looks like itús different than what weúve had in the past.'

Other stops for braun included carmel and greenwood braun is facing incumbent democratic senator joe donnelly - who was doing some last-minute campaigning of his own today - right up until the polls closed.

He grabbed lunch at the 'kountry kitchen' with congressman andre carson.

Both democrats are up for re-election.

They both spoke about their dedication to hoosiers, and how they'll represent the indiana voice in washington.


Joe donnelly says, "every day iúve been in this job, iúve had the chance to fight for our jobs, fight for our families, fight for our communities, and itús a real privilege to have the chance to run again to serve."

Senator donnelly is hosting an election night event at the hyatt downtown in indy.

Here are the latest results in indiana's u-s senate race between donnelly and braun... voters in illinois had a big decision to make when they cast their ballots for governor.

Incumbent governor bruce rauner is facing democrat j-b pritzker - in what has been a contentious battle to lead the land of lincoln.

Rauner spent his final hours of campaigning - in mchenry county, illinois - touring several manufacturing plants in northern illinois.

Pritzker - meanwhile - stopped at several airports around the state - starting in rockford illinois - hoping to keep his voter base energized heading into todays vote.

And let's take a look at the latest results in the illinois governor's race between governor rauner and pritzker.

And in the race for the 15th district u-s congressional seat in illinois - incumbent republican congressman john shimkus - who ran unopposed in 20-16 - was facing democratic challenger kevin gaither in today's race.

Here's a look at the results.

Hoosier voters also had a chance to cast their vote either - for or against an amendment - to the state constitution.

Voters cast yes or no votes - for a resolution over balancing the state budget.

The amendment would require the general assembly to adopt a balanced budget, unless a super majority votes to suspend the requirement.

And - the measure passed - meaning lawmakers cannot approve state spending that exceeds revenue estimates.

Again - the only way around this requirement is a two thirds majority vote to lift it.

The amendment will go into effect for the next two-year budget cycle, which runs from july 1, 2019, to june 30, 2021, congressman larry buschon has won a fifth term as u-s representative for the eighth district.

He was one of many voters casting their ballots at the washington square mall this morning.

His opponent - william tanoos - voted last month in terre haute.

And here are the latest results for indiana's 8th district... vanderburgh county authorities are investigating controversial flyers left on usi's campus.

What they were promoting - next.

And a somber anniversary for the tri-state-- as we remember a deadly tornado outbreak.

44news at ten is back after this.

Sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough to take care of yourself.

But nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested.

Because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast.

Nature's bounty.

Because you're better off healthy.

The victim at the center of a local homicide investigation has been identified - as amon johnson of evansville.

A neighbor found his body - lying on the ground in an alley in the 600 block of east missouri street just before 7 this morning.

Police say the man was dead when they arrived - and they believed he had been shot.

An autopsy is taking place tonight.

If you have any information about this incident - please call police.

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of who left controversial fliers on vehicles across usi's campus.

A student found one of those fliers on her car on campus - then posted a picture of it on facebook.

According to u-s-i crime logs - the incident is being labeled as a hate crime.

However - students say they still feel safe - but the incident is concerning.

"it's a pretty scary thing that people can just come onto campus and you know spread hate and put whatever they want onto your car anywhere you can see it all over the place."

The vanderburgh county sheriffs office confirmed that u-si public safety notified them about the incident.

According to the report - the incident is a violation of university policy - and authorities are now investigating.

The evansville community is remembering a local soldier who lost his life on sunday.

Officials say 23 year old drew watters died during a training camp at his base near tacoma, washington.

He graduated from north high school - where he was a well loved basketball and football player -who left his mark on the school.

He was the first person - to ever make a basket in the husky arena.

But the north community is remembering him for more than just his skills on the court and the field.

"drew was a very caring person.

He cared about everybody.

Very funny person too.

He would do odd and end things that would just make you laugh and you'd go 'drew what are you doing buddy?'

And he would just laugh and giggle and he always cared about everybody else and it was never about him."

Watters joined the army in 20-15.

He served in the 2-2 stryker brigade combat team, 7th infantry division.

He leaves behind a wife - and an infant son.

Farmers across the country say they're a bit more optimistic about their industry than they were this summer.

Many farmers had concerns heading into harvest - due to lower prices for their products related to trade conflicts with countries like china.

A purdue university survey polled 400 farmers around the nation.

It finds a majority of farmers are more optimistic about current conditions, prices, and the future of farming.

Researchers say one reason is the renegotiated trade deal with canada - which many farmers believe will stabilize prices.

Today marks the 13th anniversary of one of the deadliest days in tri-state history.

It was the early morning hours of november sixth - 2005 when an e-f three tornado swept across portions of henderson, vanderburgh, and warrick counties.

By the time it was over - 25 people died - and the storm caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Most of the people impacted by the storm were residents of the eastbrook mobile home park.

Give thanks - give life.

It's once again time for the annual 44news blood drive - in partnership with the american red cross.

The community is being urged to come out - and give blood - as the holiday season kicks into high gear.

The event is set for november 19th from 6 a-m until 7 p-m - at the american red cross on stockwell road in evansville.

To learn more about how to get involved and donate - you can visit our website at wevv dot com.

People voting today in the tri-state had perfect weather to be outside.

Now here's chief meteorologist cameron hopman with a look at what's ahead in the full forecast.

Weather tease in another sign of the times in retail - lowe's is closing 51 north american stores.

Lowe's said those stores are underperforming and the decision will help the hardware chain focus on its most profitable stores.

Retail stores are struggling to adjust to the rapid rise of online shopping, particularly from amazon.

Many successful retailers with big stores have adjusted their business strategies to make better use of their physical spaces.

Others - including sears, k-mart and toys "r" us have gone under.

The wall street journal is reporting that amazon is planning to split its second headquarters between two cities.

Amazon is reportedly in advanced talks with dallas, crystal city in northern virginia, and long island city in new york.

Company leaders haven't decided which two cities it will choose - but amazon will send 25-thousand employees to each location.

The company reportedly believes splitting its headquarters will help it recruit the best tech talent.

Kimball international announces the highest quarterly sales for the company - in more than 15 years.

The company reached more than 194 million dollars for the first quarter of fiscal year 20-19.

For the same quarter - revenue growth was 11 percent.

Officials say - even with the growth - the company continues to face challenges with higher transportation and steel costs - as well as recently implemented tariffs.

A-m-c theaters says its "a list" subscription service now has 500-thousand paying subscribers since debuting june.

It lets subscribers see up to three movies a week for $19-95 a month.

A-m-c also addressed speculation it would end its service if struggling competitor moviepass closed - saying "a-list" is here to stay.

Head coach walter mccarty isn't the only familiar face leading the u-e men's basketball program.

In fact, an ace in his mid twenties is taking on a role many in the sport spend years trying to get.

But age isn't factored into the wisdom of one hartford kentucky native.

Calling shots comes naturally to logan baumann.

Whether it's on or off the floor - he's the kind of guy coach mccarty needs by his side.

Walter: logan makes my life easier.

He's really..he's very diligent.

He's a go-getter.

Logan has a big role for someone his age.

Turning 25 in october - he's serving as the associate a-d of basketball operations - joining assistants like todd lickliter - who's coached at the college level for 30 years.

Logan: i don't feel like i'm at work.

I feel like i'm having fun.

I think it's so enjoyable to be around people who that bring out the best in you and that's not only here as in in terms of the player perspective but also from the staff perspective.

Nat: music playing logan has always sported this kind of enthusiasm.

He stood out as a high school player at ohio county, scoring more than 1-thousand points.

Baumann was also the third region player of the year in 20-12.

Logan: i think it's more of a relatable thing for current players because they know you have played.

And you're not just someone who sits behind a computer and comes up with the latest and the greatest but that you've actually done it.

And i think that matters a lot.

Those assets made him a hot commodity in the world of college coaching - and there was no way the aces were going to pass him up.

Walter: it was interesting when people were calling me hey we got a director of operations guy for you.

I told them i'm good.

They said well who do you got.

I said logan baumann.

Oh man you don't need my guy.

Election day is just as exciting for college hoops fans.

As the regular season kicks off - u-e prepares for a ábigá opponent.

The aces don't play until thursday - when they face big ten power illinois on the road.

It'll be a test the aces look forward to - especially when it comes to scheming against a team that dominates in size.

Walter: we just have to do a better job coming back and rebounding.

Our guards getting involved.

I tell the guys all the time.

We have to have 15 16 rebounds between our floor guards and whoever is playing.

If we can do that and get involved, we will be successful.

Because we will score the ball at a high rate and getting out fast.

As we do, our guys can be successful and great.

A huge game going down in lexington tonight - kentucky hosting duke.

At last check, the wildcats trail 59-42 at halftime.

The indiana hoosiers win their first game of the season - beating chicago state 104-55.

Freshman star romeo langford had 19 points.

Thanks jojo-- next on 44news at ten we take another look at some of the biggest races


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