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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

VIDEO: Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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VIDEO: Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban
VIDEO: Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban
VIDEO: Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban


>>jamie stover: president trump is calling it a tremendous victory...and supporters say it's a big win for national security.

>>reporter: the third version of president trump's travel ban includes iran, north korea, syria, libya, yemen, somalia, and venezuela.

Basheer bilaal...with the muslim association of the lehigh valley calls it devastating.

>>basheer bilaal "despite it has been revised, additions and subtractions have been made, i feel personally, it is still a muslim ban.

" >>reporter: but aziziz wehbey, president of the america syrian amarian society doesn't consider it a muslim ban.

He supports increased counte?terrorism efforts but disagrees with syria being on the list.

>>aziz wehbey syria is not a country that supports terrorism makes that list unfair >>reporter: when trump's first ban was signe?a syrian family destined for allentown was sent back to the middle east, eventually allowed in.

A relative of the assali's also believes syria shouldn't be on the list.

>>sarmad assali we certainly like to see the us being safe and not just everybody come in with out being checked... i just feel there are certain countries that were a danger to the us that are not on the list.

>>reporter: lehigh valley immigration attorney raymond lahoud says, politics aside scotus got it right legally.

>>raymond lahoud/ immigration attorney congress has given him this right, that is essentially unreviewable to restrict entry of an alien, or anyone, immigrant or not immigrant, if it meets certain requiremenst, and he's shown it meets certain requirements.

>>jamie stover: by the wa?it


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