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Monday, 8 March 2021

ABC4 Utah News at 10 September 28

Credit: KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City
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ABC4 Utah News at 10 September 28
ABC4 Utah News at 10 September 28
ABC4 Utah News at 10 September 28

Don we begin tonight... with new developments in a police involved shooting... it happened in salt lake city - and ended with two officers in the hospital and a suspect dead.

The incident happened this afternoon near 300 south and 500 east in salt lake city... that's where we find nick mcgurk who has been at the scene all evening.


[a4]slc ois-live nick this all started when police responded to a trespassing call-and they got in a fight with a male suspect.

Witnesses reported hearing 5 gunshots in rapid succession-leaving that male suspect dead.

:15-:21 :31-:37 "very scary" " mean it's scary."

For those who live near the intersection of 300 south and 500 east.

A series of gunshots- punctured an otherwise peaceful, sunny afternoon.

"it's really sad."

Police say that around 4 this afternoon - officers responded to a trespassing call.

"a fight ensued between officers and an individual, at which point in time shots were fired."

Police can't say if the suspect - had a weapon.

But after police and that suspect got into a fight-he lay dead on the parking lot of this maverick gas station.

Two officers-were then taken to the hospital.

"we saw a police officer get put in an ambulance and get taken away.

It looked like his leg was hurt."

No word on how long those officers - have worked for salt lake city police.

Or, if police knew the suspect involved.

But tonight-those who live nearby-say they are shaken by what happened near their homes.

"well i shop there all the time, it's kinda sad."

Nick officers in serious but stable condition they are expected to survive.

Live in salt lake, i'm nick mcgurk don a key piece of evidence is tossed out in the rape case of a former brighton high and usc football player..

Osa masina was kicked off the usc team after allegations of a rape surfaced in southern california.

Then he was charged in utah for rape as well... the state wanted to mention a snapchat video and testimony from someone who saw it during the utah case.

The person who saw it was the victim's ex-boyfriend.

He testified at an earlier hearing that it showed a non- consenual sex act.

The problem with snapchat videos, they disappear after they're viewed.

The trial is still moving forward and is scheduled to begin on october 16th.

Don president thomas s monson of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints has been experiencing some health issues recently and will not be attending general conference this weekend.

A church spokesperson refered us to an earlier statement sent out a few months ago that says president monson is not attending regular meetings though he is confering with his counselors as needed.

Don we also received word today that elder robert d.

Hales of the quorum of the twelve in the lds church will not be attending general conference either.

His doctors say he needs continued medical attention and they will keep him in the hospital for treatment.

[a12]mom pending deportation 10-ots don an undocumented mother of four is scheduled to be deported - and now she's going public with her fight to stay here in utah.

Good 4 utah's rick aaron spoke with her and her supporters this evening at the state capitol.

23-41 41-55 1:22-1:30 maria santiago garcia, undocumented immigrant: mi nombre es maria santiago rick aaron: her name is maria santiago garcia and she describes herself as an orphan and a sexual abuse survivor who escaped the violence of her native guatemala for a better life here in utah where she's raising two sons and two daughters ages 11 to just 3.

Now she's targeted for deportation by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement.

Amy dominguez, unidad immigrante: here she has been in the united states in utah for 14 years contributing.

Her kids are u.s. citizens.

They have been going to school here their entire lives.

Utah is all they have known so it's heartbreaking, it's heart wrenching and it's difficult to see that this is a reality for a lot of families.


Jim dabakis, d - 2nd district: how many people are going to go?

Hard working family people.

How many children are not going to have parents to satisfy what?

What's the upside?

This is an outrage.

Rick aaron: ice can allow undocumented immigrants like maria to stay in the u.s. for humanitarian reasons but new policies under a new president have them routinely denying humanitarian appeals like maria's.


Jim dabakis, d - 2nd district: this is a disgrace to the united states of america.

The president said he was going to throw out the drug dealers and he was going to throw out the criminals and look where this lands.

This is a disgrace.

Rick aaron: maria's 9 year old daughter sarayi says she wants to be a doctor.

She provided the most emotional moment of the evening.

Sarayi garcia, 9 years old: i don't want my mom to get deported cause i want to have a mom by my side so she can see me when i be a doctor and when she's sick i can cure her and protect her rick aaron: at the state capitol, rick aaron reporting.

[a14]mom pending deportation 10-tag don organizers are urging people who support garcia to call the immigrations and customs enforcement salt lake city field office at 801-886-7400 to protest the deportation.

We also have that number on our website good 4 utah dot com.

Don sunshine and a nice breeze along the wasatch front today... but forget about that... what about the weekend?

Dan pope up on the pinpoint weather porch with a first look at the forecast.


[a17]weather first-porch dan; the satellite shows why we ended up with more clouds around the region a fairly strong storm moved over colorado and the wrap- around clouds pushed back into the wasatch front and continue to do so but it is exiting.

Temperatures are mostly in the 50's and 60's...with washington county near 70 degrees.

Temperatures today remained below average for the 8th straight day in a row, but we will warm tomorrow to right at average.

In some areas of the state it is warmer tonight than last night.

And, there are spots that are a little warmer.

Officially salt lake city hit 72 for a high, just one degree below the average of 73.

We'll be a touch warmer tomorrow and we will see more sunshine.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of cold fronts that will be moving into northern over the wekened and another next week.

I'll have more on that coming up in your full pinpoint weather forecast in a few minutes.

Don general conference for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is this weekend... and that means tens of thousands of people will be heading downtown on saturday and sunday.

To accommodate the increased visitors u-t-a is adding the number of trains this weekend on both the trax and frontrunner.

There will also be earlier trains on saturday and sunday heading downtown and later trains leaving downtown.

For a full list of the additional schedules as well as pricing information just check out our website good4utah dot com... to buy your u-t-a tickets head to ride u-t-a dot com.

[a19]new at ten-server don new tonight... former utah governor jon huntsman junior has been confirmed by the full senate to be the ambassador to russia.

The committee approved him earlier this week and with today's confirmation... all huntsman jr needs is to be sworn in.

Don senator orrin hatch released the following statement after the vote... it reads: "i congratulate my friend, jon huntsman, on his appointment to serve as the next ambassador to russia.

This particular ambassadorship requires a great deal of poise, intellect, and experience, and i have no doubt that jon is just the man for the job."

Don senator mike lee responded by saying the following about huntsman jr.: "he is an experienced statesman, and i know he will tackle this role and its responsibilities with the same efficiency, effectiveness, and fine-tuned diplomacy that he applied to his roles as chinese ambassador and governor of the great state of utah."

[a23]balloon release for girl 10-ctr don family and friends gathered this evening to morn the loss of a three year old tayzli hale.

The northern utah girl died after a horseback riding accident... but her family is making sure her memory lives on.

Glen beeby was at that vigil tonight and has more.

:14-:19 :33-:44 :53-1:03 ashley bodine/family friend " it's been a shock for everyone we're all really heartbroken."

Her favorite color was pink...she loved princess parties...and the little girl everyone called tay tay had a smile that lit up a neighborhood.

" she was a ray of sunshine.

She was just happy bubbly and always grinning, and always laughing, and running."

Tayzli was riding on the back of a horse with a family member tuesday when the animal got spooked and she fell off hitting her head.

Doctors tried to save her but on wednesday they announced she no longer had brain function, and stopped breathing on her own.

"friends, family and neighbors are gathered using pink balloons to celebrate the young life that was lost, but hope for the young lives that could still be saved with her donation."

Tayzli's family decided to donate her organs.

Her mother told neighbors she's hopeful it will keep her daughters memory alive.

" there is absolutely no way that she'll be forgotten.

Those children's parents will remember her every day.

Those children will remember her everyday, they're kids will remember her everyday."

Family and friends said a prayer and had a moment of silence to remember tay tay.

They say while it's been hard to deal with young life ending so soon, many are taking comfort in knowing her light will live on in those that she saves.

Don that was glen beeby reporting... hospitals say child organ donation is so important because often ... due to their size... children in need of a transplant can only come from another child.

A go fund me account has been set up to help with the hale's family unexpected medical and funeral costs find a link on our website.

Don some breaking news now.

North ogden police need your help finding a 13 year old boy who is missing.

Parker alexander is just under 5 feet tall and weighs about 95 pounds.

He has dark brown hair and was last seen wearing dark pants, a blue t shirt with an abraham lincoln logo.

The teen has some mental difficulties and he was last seen around 2:30 this afternoon.

If you know where parker is please call north ogden police.

We'll be right back don this next story is for every woman and family who might be thinking about expanding their family.

What if there was a way to track exactly the two days a woman is most likely able to conceive.

Surae chinn looks into a device that claims to take all the stress and guess work out of having a baby.

Surae: it's called the ava sensor bracelet.

Worn at night only and tracks a woman's cycle revealing a woman's peak week and her two high peak days.

We met up with a st.

George mom who says she gave birth to the first 'ava baby' using this device.

Lizzie mcgee, mom, "look at momma cooing" two and a half month old jace came easy compared to lizzie mcgee's first born.

We tried for four years.

I was on over a year of fertility medication.

32-year-old lizzie and her husband were about to start artificial insemination after four years of heartache, when lizzie got pregnant with brooks.

So after all of everything it was a miracle that we were able to have my first.

When it was time to add to the family...the couple feared the same uncertainty.

I was nervous how long it would take for me to get pregnant with my second.

And we were trying 4 months before i saw the ava, lizzie saw the ava ad on facebook.

It took 6 months to receive the sensor bracelet because the product was so new.

The 10 months before, being one of the first to receive the device, she and her husband were blindly trying to conceive.

But with ava, 3 months later, lizzie got pregnant with jace.

I didn't call my husband first, i didn't call my mom first, i emailed ava, and i said 'your product worked!

I got pregnant!'


So how does it work?

And was it really the ava?

Nobody thinks they're going to be the first of anything.

The company that makes ava says jace is the product of the device.

This is the ava put on at night and it has all of the tracking, everything on there.

Through an app on your phone, ava measures 9 physiological parameters which provides information on the rise in reproductive hormones.

It goes through the resting pulse, skin temperature the calendar is color coded for the 5 day fertility window and two peak days before ovulation.

No need for ovulation strips and taking your basal temperature every morning.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 in 6 couples will struggle to conceive.

Dr. erica johnstone, associate professor at the university of utah center for reproductive medicine says the device isn't for everyone and not necessary for healthy couples but it could help eliminate the guess work.

It's in some ways the next generation from things that have been used in the past, which might be ovulation predictor kits or phone apps that women use to track their cycles.

And this provides a little more information than those things do, ava took 2 months to figure out lizzie's body but by the was right on target.

I saw the ovulation date move back move back move back, and then it stuck on a day.

And it said 'this is going to be your day.'

Oh yeah, i called my mom and my sister, and i said 'this month i'm getting pregnant.'

The ava completely figured me out and there are dozens testimonials from women on facebook who say they got pregnant because of the ava bracelet.

There was so much guess work with my first going through infertility is one of the hardest things a woman can go through.

Especially in utah.

The culture is, i love the culture, but it's also very family, 'when are you going to get pregnant?

Dr. johnstone says if you're wanting to get pregnant, start with your doctor or obgyn.

Times when we get worried is if you've been trying to conceive for a year or more, then it's time to see a doctor, time to do some evaluation.

More cooing give smiles now to be able to just put on a bracelet before i go to bed, and then i am able to get to know my body, and to get this beautiful baby here, it's everything.

Surae/tag: it's too early for lizzie to want a 3rd but says if she decides on another child, she'll be using the ava bracelet.

I'm surae chinn, reporting.

Don the ava bracelet costs 250 bucks and was invented in switzerland.

It is an fda approved device and is in its second clinical trial.

[b5]pinpoint weather open-open dan: blue lemon timelapse from tonight shows a remarkable sunset where the clouds really made the colors pop not once but twice over this 30 second video meg roberts captured it from the east side of the salt lake valley and you can see those colors i am talking about the satellite shows why we ended up with more clouds around the region a fairly strong storm moved over colorado and the wrap- around clouds pushed back into the wasatch front and continue to do so but it is exiting.

Temperatures are mostly in the 50's and 60's...with washington county near 70 degrees.

Temperatures today remained below average for the 8th straight day in a row but we will warm tomorrow to right at average the latest two week forecast is out for the region, and it is a bit cool and wet.

Things are looking more favorable for unsettled weather in the first of october.

Futurecast shows clouds and showers continuing throughout eastern utah this evening, with clouds dwindling and skies clearing over much of the state tonight.

Tomorrow will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy sunny over the far south.

Our next storm will move in on saturday bringing scattered showers and thundershowers later in the afternoon and evening.

It will be breezy on saturday.

As we look ahead in our forecast to this weekend and beyond.

You will see that our jet stream will look to remain north of the area and temperatures slightly below average but we do have a cool front moving through later saturday that could spark off some storms just in time for conference.

Looking farther into next week, a trough with plenty of cold air will blow into northern utah monday that will considerably drop our temperatures with mountain snow and valley rain on monday into tuesday with well below average temps.

Most of next week looks well below average with regards to temperature.

Tonight around the region skies will be mainly clear to partly cloudy depending on your location.

Any precipitation falling across eastern and southeastern utah will be coming to an end and temperatures will be very similar to the last several overnights with most in the 40's and 50's tomorrow around the region sunshine will be abundant through the entire western half of utah with a few more clouds closer to the mountains with partly cloudy skies over the mountains of utah.

Clouds will increase over eastern utah throughout the day ahead of a cold front that arrives saturday with wet weather.

Temperatures will be warmer and near normal.

For those leaf peepers out there trying to catch some of the changing leaves, here are some of the best areas and what the weather is forecasted to be.


George dayplanner starts clear and crisp with temps in the upper 50's with a nice warm up throughout the day under a blanket of sunshine with a daytime high of 84 st.

George for the next 7 days remains very quiet and dry.

With sunny through the weekend and temps reaching the upper 80's by sunday.

A cool down will occur on monday into tuesday as a strong cold front moves into utah bringing wet weather to northern and central utah and just a few additional clouds for dixie.

Salt lake city dayplanner starts with temps in the upper 40's under mostly sunny skies but with a slower warmup compared to down in st.


However, with a daytime high in the lower 70's and mostly sunny skies, you can't get much better!

Wasatch front for the next 7 days will see a fantastic friday with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the lower 70's.

Those planning to head to a high school football game or the big usu-byu game in logan can expect temps starting in the lower 60's ending in the lower 50's.

A cold front will move through the wasatch front during the day saturday during conference bringing some breezy conditions and storminess later in the day.

A in between day happens on sunday under partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures but a larger cold front blows through on monday bringing well below average temperatures and additional wet weather for the valleys and snow for the mountains through tuesday.

[b7]toss to sx-4 shot let's check in with wes/dana in sports... the jazz get ready for their first public scrimmage...the americans take lead in the presidents cup... and the byu womens softball team has a new player...she's only 6 years old...we'll explain when we come back with sports... [c0]break 2 we get our first look at the utah jazz in action tomorrow when they play a scrimmage at hill air force base... its going to be interesting to see how they blend together...because they added new peices..but they think they got some good ones... :00-:06 :36-:41 lindsey: "i think they really really fit and i think we got somewhat fortunate that we were able to add three guys that completely fit the fabric and the culture and yet will add to the talent and the experience.

We were able to add guys that fit our culture to a tee, that they're unselfish and that they also defend, it feeds right into our culture of who we are and who need need to be and what we need to be great at."

Sefolosha: "i definitely play my game, i bring energy and i bring a defensive mindset to the group and after 11 years in the nba i'll be a vocal guy in the locker room to the younger guys, other than that i'm looking forward to training camp and growing with the team."

Lindesey: "we're excited about our team, we're very anxious to compete and find our level and then hopefully address what those needs are."

The presidents cup... a match between the u.s.a.

And the international underway today... the matches taking place in the shadow of the statue of liberty... in new jersey... and the american team came out on fire..

Dustin johnson out of the bunker... and he holes it...he and matt kutcher won their match... then its rickie fowler... off the green... the ball checks... then catches the hill and rolls down...and he holes it...he and justin thomas won their match 6 & 4... the international team had some moments as well... marc leishman with the nice touch...he gets it to go...and then and and some canadian fans go nuts... jordan spieth with the long putt...he curls it in...he and patrick reed won their match big... only one american team lost... and phil mickelson's team halved its the usa leads it... 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 after day day... today was not signing day... but the byu softball team signed the youngest player in team history... emily sorensen... a six year old kindergartener...was drafted onto the team today... emily has cystic fibrosis ... and thru the help of team impact...which helps kids battling serious and chronic diseases... emily became a member of the cougars softball team... :00-:06 :18-:24 :25-:31 power: "emily is a wonderful little girl with cystic fibrosis who was drafted on to the team, she is 6 years old and she'll be a full-fledged member of the team for 2 years so she'll go to practices and games, the girls will come out and support her as well for the next 2 years."

Emily: "i got to hang out with cosmo and i came here as soon as possible."

Michael: "everybody feels like they're alone when they're having a hard time and she now she has a full team of mature successful women giving her role models, just being there for her telling her its ok to have a hard day, we have hard days too, we understand what you're going thru we're here for you."

Thanks wes/dana.

We'll be right back don we've got a special disneyland vacation giveaway you need to hear about.

We're giving away two family vacation packages... each includes 2 days at the disneyland california adventure parks for four people and we're going to put you up in a disneyland resort hotel for two nights.

You can enter starting tomorrow morning at 4:30 on our website good4utah dot com slash contests.

The winners will be chosen on october 9th at 9am don before we go...


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