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Asthma Concerns on the Rise

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Asthma Concerns on the Rise
KRBC News 10PM 04-28-17

Tonight-- tonight-- with the west texas wind and warm temperatures, allergy season has come early this year.

Year..ragweed, mesquite ..oak and grass are all high in pollen and as krbc's maria jacobson explains it's leading to more than just a runny nose.

Nose."my name's cade and i have very severe asthma."as pollen numbers rise, allergy induced asthma is becoming a pr.


I am allergic to every grass, every tree, everything in this part of texas basically im allergic to it"angelica mason an abilene resident struggles with asthma ....but she says dealing with it is second nature... (angelica mason--abilene resident) i have been on allergy medication since i was 18 months old but sometimes nature can take even the most experienced asthmatics down a scary road... "if it gets bad enough i have had times where i had to go to the emergency room because what i had at home was just not working to help me so susan mcquade, an asthema specialist says she's seeing an increase in the number of patients...having close calls.

Calls.theres a lot more kids coming in that their asthema has been under control for years and their parents are saying well this caught us off gaurd, they were outside playing and they end up in the hospital" and she says...the allergies this year are even affecting people who don't suffer from asthma."i've seen it in people who don't even have allergies, their seeing symptoms "and with the winds constantly blowing pollen...and rainy days few and far between... says knowing your symptoms..."there are subtle signs that their asthema is starting to flare up cronic runny nose, dark circles under their eyes, if they go to bed with a cough... and keeping your alleriges under control is important."if we can catch it there then we can start treating it and prevent them from being hospitalized."and so kids like cade aren't strikng out at the plate."sometimes, i can only play baseball for like a little bit and that's it."


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