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Healthcare Bill

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Healthcare Bill
Healthcare Bill

By choosing not to smoke.

President trump's proposed obamacare-replacement bill is facing criticism.

Opponents of the bill say that older americans with medicaid would take a big hit.

So what would that mean for north dakotans - including the 9,000 or so covered by medicaid?

Cynthia hill joins us live in the studio with more.

Hi cynthia.

Tim, i spoke with our state insurance comissioner who's definitely has an opinion about the proposed american health care act, but so do one of the longest standing senior advocacy groups in america - the aarp.

In north dakota, they feel the same way.

Trump nat pop..

"you'll see premiums go down, down, down.

You'll see rates go up, up, up."

Repeal and replace is the usual rallying call - but some lawmakers aren't seeing eye-to-eye with the president on the american health care act.

Some of president trump's old conservative opponents speaking out.

(ted cruz) but what does this mean for north dakotans?

One of the criticisms is how the new bill will affect older americans expected to slash medicaid..

Our insurance commisisioner, says although he doesn't see the light at the end of the trumpcare tunnel, he does think that medicaid regulation belongs to the state.

(jon godfread, commissioner, north dakota insurance dept.) "it's my belief, my firm belief that we can figure those problems out in north dakota.

I'm not sure that we've seen a whole lot of federal regulation that's come in to our state and worked because we're a different state.

We're a small state."

He says the affordable care act left the number of uninsured the same or more.

That number is between 10-15-percent in north dakota currently.

(jon godfread, commissioner, north dakota insurance dept.) "what obamacare did was it moved some of the sickest of the sick into the general marketplace and they certainly need coverage, there's no doubt about that.

But it threw them in the general marketplace and really raised costs for everybody else."

While, the the north dakota aarp is not 100-percent obamacare, they are decidedly against the current bill introduced by the turmp administration saying older americans will be paying thousands more per year to stay insured.

(josh askvig, state director, aarp) the commisioner says lawmakers have a long way to go with this one, but that at least they're putting it all out on the table.

"love it or hate.

We're at least having the discussion."

The comissioner says the problems we're having stem the comissioner says the problems we're having stem having the discussion."

The comissioner says the problems we're having stem from the exhuberant costs of healthcare.

Tim (tim olson, kx news) and 12 republican senators have spoken against the bill.


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