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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Young Adult Book event

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Young Adult Book event
Young Adult Book event
Get to know these local authors at "A Book Barn" this weekend.

>>> welcome to our central valley today book club.

We put the spotlight on local authors in our community.

>> today we're featuring authors from the young adult community.

It's always great to have local authors here on the show with us.

Thank you so much for being here.

>>man: thank you for having us.

>> how did you get involved in teen writing?

>>woman: teen writing.

I don't know.

I'm a heavy reader and i've always loved the hero journey that happens with teenagers.

There's a lot of firsts.

First loves, first heart breaks.

I don't know i find myself returning to those stories again and again.

>> how about you, steven?

>>man: i just kind of fell into it.

My story hit at that level of teen and up.

>> does that mean you think like a teenager?

>>man: that's where i'm at.

>> teen kids?

>>man: they're grown now.

When i first started writing, they were late teens.

>> you go to barnes and nobles and there's a ton of young adult literature.

>>woman: some of it is so good that's made it to the big screen like if i stay.

There are a lot.

It's like really good literature.

>> let's talk about both of your books and tell people what they're about.

Was it difficult to come up with a topic seeing that there are so many teen books out there.

>>woman: when you're an author, you write from within and what you write with what resinates with you.

I wanted to write for a long time but i'm a social work for profession.

Starting when i first went to graduate school, i met so many of these kids, especially teen foster kids and i just would meet them and say you have -- there's a story there.

There are so many kids that met with stories that resinated with me.

When i finally decided that i wanted to write, i wanted to bring their story forward.

That was my journey.

>> finding pony, what's the plot line there?

>>woman: it's a story about a 15-year-old boy named jesse and his parents are kind of like small town drug dealers -- it'sn here -- >> it could be very realistic.

>>woman: it is.

It's based on a lot of the stories of kids that i worked with.

He cares for his sister.

And in the middle of the night, police knock on the door and he's faced with a decision, do i stay with my sister or do i escape.

He decides to escape and he comes back and his mom and sister are gone.

The whole story is about the journey to find his sister and himself.

>> steven, let's talk about your story because it looks just as interesting as well.

>>man: my book involves penguins, obviously, the title gives it away.

The penguins have reemerged and they have an overlord and he unites the different species of penguins and drives them out of ant ashth ka.

>> you're currently writing your sixth book?

>>man: i'm currently writing two more.

They're prequills.

>> why penguins?

I'm actually going to antarctica.

>>man: i'll go with you.

>> yes, please, you have to make a trip but why penguins?

>>man: this story evolved from a story i wrote back in high school.

I was really big into -- if you remember the cartoon that involved the penguins.

That got me started on that story and then 25 years later, i just sat down and started writing and this is what fell out of my head.

>> so cool.

>> i always wonder how often these ideas come into your head to write six books and to write a book about what you wrote.

You must have such a wonderful imagination.

>>woman: it's super fun.

I get a lot of my ideas in the shower or when i'm driving.

You read a book or watch a show and it sparks something like oh, i want to write about that.

>> especially the penguins.

>> we still have so many questions so stick around because we're going to talk about the upcoming book festival.



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