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Valley Business Weekly - 11/13/16

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Valley Business Weekly - 11/13/16
Valley Business Weekly - 11/13/16
A look at your local business news on this edition of Valley Business Weekly

Im tom mcclanahan....we lcome to valley business weekly...a 50-thousand dollar grant will help revitalize the riverfront and kimmel park in vincennes and hopefully attract more business to that city.vincennes university received the state grant.the money will help fund "phase 1" of the project which will widen the entrance to kimmell park.the 100-foot entryway will reveal a panoramic view of the wabash river.officials hope the project attracts visitors, enhances downtown development and draws in more businesses.

((tom))chicago cub fans still feel like they are dreaming after their team ended that 108-year championship drought earlier this some fans look to make this season's run permanent.many will remember this year but some are putting it in ink!

Queen city tattoos in terre haute is hosted a special deal for three days.cubs fan and artist chris johnson had four retro cubs logos to choose from with the option of saying world champions.the nenew ink cost $71 symbolizing the number of years it's been since the ball club made it to the world series: <<chris johnson: i just wanted to do something different for the cubs fan base which is just huge and they're as far as being a cubs fan myself just die hards.fred light: well i've been a life long fan and it's been on the to do list and i can't argue with the price so might as well get it done now.>>((tom)) johnson says it was an unexpected increase in his sales.

((tom))a regional department store is making a simple, but significant change to the way it displays itswomen's clothing.the "meijer" chain in the upper midwest has taken into account the "body image issues" and how it affects women and girls of all emily rennet tells us the stores are moving the plus- sized clothing onto the same racks as the rest of its women's clothing:<<(sot jennifer rook / meijer spokesperson :00-07) "when you're shopping with your friends you don't want to say ok you guys can go put on these clothes, i gotta go over here.

So,we saw that too.

We said it's time to make a change."that change came early last summer in a few of the meijer's stores.cutting out the plus-size department and putting those pieces of clothing on the same rack as the rest of the sizes.natsit was a change cheresha taylor noticed right away while shopping with her friends.(sot cheresha taylor / shopper :27-34)"these are so cute.

I'm going to go over to the plus size and see if they have my size.

She was like wait a minute.

What size are you looking for, they're all right here."along with the size integration comes a price integration---plus sizes will no longer cost a little bit more--all sizes, same price.

(sot cheresha taylor / shopper :43-49)"now a days it's so hard.

They young women trying to fit in and feeling different about plus size and petite pretty much putting a label on us."jennifer from meijer says the feedback from their test stores has been positive.empowering women to be proud of who they are--no matter the size.

(sot jennifer rook / meijer's spokesperson 1:01-1:06) "why not keep everyone together because everybody's size should be celebrated."

(sot cheresha taylor / shopper 1:07-1:11)"and we all come in here and we're all shopping in the same area.

We're all women, we all want to look beautiful."

>>((tom)) it's unclear if meijer will expand the practice to all stores.

((tom))c-v-s shares plunged in trade this past week after the drugstore chain lowered its profit forecast for 2016 and warned of losing tens of millions of prescriptions next year.the company also reported a sharp rise in third quarter profits and revenue, but investors apparently focused on the poorer outlook.c-v-s said it could lose 40 million prescriptions in 2017 as a result of new restricted networks.for example, walgreens has formed partnerships that block people from filling prescriptions at c-v-s drugstores.also, the u-s defense department's health care program tri-care is leaving the c-v-s network.

((tom))more trouble for the once-hopeful blood-testing start-up company theranos (thu- rain-ohs).walgreens is suing theranos for 140-million- dollars to try to recover its investments.walgreens closed all 40 theranos wellness centers in its arizona stores in june.theranos once promised cheaper, more efficient alternatives to traditional blood tests.but a scathing 20-15 wall street journal report called the company's testing methods into question.

Since then, theranos has been banned from owning or operating a lab for two years.

((tom))donald trump's shocking upset last week sent global stocks plunging at home, the dow futures at one point were down 850 points before rebounding.

But analysts say the markets will remain volatile as world and financial leaders try to assess what impact a trump presidency will have.

Elizabeth hur is in washington with more because your money matters:<<nat "opening bell" wall street opening..

With the numbers see-sawing throughout the morning..



Global market watchers expected.michael hewson, chief market analyst at cmc markets: "he's unpredictable and markets don't like unpredictability."traders were banking on a clinton victory..

So donald trump's election stunner..

Sent stocks around the world plunging overnight..

And the news making international headlines this morning.

Mos: "you've got a good businessman in the white house but he's got some crazy ideas."

Mos: "i don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen."while trump's unpredictability and anti-trade stance..

Has some nervous..


There's mixed reaction to a trump america..

Martin schulz, european parliament president: this is for sure a difficult moment in the relationship between the united nations, no the united states and the european unionrussian president vladimier putin..

Among the first to congratulate trump angela merkel, german chancellor:and other world leaders quickly followed suit..

Theresa may/uk prime minister: "i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump, elizabeth tag:markets will remain volatile?

Elizabeth hur abc news new york.>>((tom)) donald trump also heard from leaders in the middle east.

Israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu congratulated trump on his election victory, calling him a "great friend of israel".

Egypt's president congratulated trump, saying cairo wanted to see more "cooperation and coordination" between the two nations to bolster stability and peace in the middle east.

((tom))general motors is laying off workers for the first time in six money matters.the automaker plans to cut two-thousand factory jobs in january.g-m said the job losses will hit 12-hundred workers in lordstown, ohio... and 800 in lansing, michigan.some may be offered other positions.the affected plants make the compact chevrolet cruze, the chevy camaro and the cadillac a-t-s and c-t-s.most small car models have seen slumping sales in recent years thanks to low gas prices.

((tom))coming up on valley business weekly, a new way to pay at one fast-food chain is coming your way and barry has another expert on the local harvest season on valley ag weekly...straight cod be launching a mobile order and pay app in 2017.

Business insider reports mcdonald's is finally ready to launch its long-awaited mobile order and pay technology for smartphone says the app is set to be unveiled next year in the u-s and select international markets, including canada and the u-k.

Mcdonald's has fallen behind other companies in order and pay technology, such as starbucks, domino's and taco bell, who've seen boosts in sales due to mobile apps with order and pay options.

((tom))remodeling your home can be fun and a good and bathroom makeovers often return as much as 80 percent of their original investment.

But according to angie's list you want to make sure the job is done should get three bids for a project and then get references and make some calls.

Find out how the contractors' work holds up over time.

Tie your payments to progress and hold back at least 10 percent until you're fully satisfied with the work: <<jon guy, master home builder : "in the construction world, the assumption is that everybody in it is going to operate at the same level of quality and integrity, and that's not always the case.">> ((tom))angie says you need to get at least three estimates so you can know if you're paying a fair price, but don't look only at the project costst examine all the details and ask questions if you don't understand something.

((tom))barry kent brings back a popular guest on valley ag weekly to check out the status of the local harvest.

Here's barry:<<this week on valley ag weekly we're here in southern vigo county we're talking with jeff gormong, jeff thanks for joining me are very welcome.i wanted to talk with someone who farms quite a few acres, i knew you do.

The harvest is just about over or is overit is over for us it's about over throughout the county a couple of counites most guys are finishing up a few fields here and there still left.ok, well tell me about the year the season, did you have a good year what was the yield like this year?we had a pretty good year, yields were good especially soybean yields were very good, everybody seemed to be happy with their soybeans.

Corn yields were good a lot of guy were maybe we had higher expectations than what we ended up with but pretty good, we had great year for harvest got in and got it out earlyyeah it was a good year.yeah it did seem like everybody was in the fields a lot earlier they had in past years and it has to do with what just the rain, no rain, and you were able to get in the field right?yeah, weather and the corn and soybeans dried down very well actually corn dried down better this year than the soybeans did.

A lot of guys were able to get out early and we didn't have to spend a lot of money on dryer gas.

The warmest october i heard since we've been keeping records and that helps dry that grain out, out in the field.that's really interesting i hadn't thought about that.

That is an expense that goes into that yes, drying that grain.

Ok, let's talk a little bit about price, you had a good yield soybean wise corn yield was ok what about prices this year?

Well i think anytime we have a big crop or even a rumor of a big crop of course that effects that price.

That's economics 101 so th price is a little down this year and of course we'd like a better price but whenever you have a big crop like this you're going to have lower prices.ok, we're down here basically on the county line, sullivan and vigo county, how many acres do you farm down here?right at 2000right at 2000 acres and that's all soybeans and corn?

Yes,50/50 ok, well, you're involved with the farm bureau yes,so let's take a break and come back let's talk about farm valley ag weekly with jeff gormong and jeff before the break i mentioned that you were involved in farm bureau.

You are on state board of directors district seven director is thatcorrecttell us a little bit your job about the district seven director well i serve on the state board and there is ten of us on that boboard plusome officers and each of us represent a certain area of the state.

I have ten counties right here in this area, green county and all the counties that touch green county, and vigo county is kinda my area a and we take the ideas that the members in those counties want and take them to the state.

Do you have a convention do you have a meeting where you all get together and say ok let's look at this and let's work on this?

Yes we do, every county has delegates based the numbers of memebers that they have in their county and those delegates get together a couple of times of year.

Recently, we just got together back in august where we do our delegate sesssion we work on our delegate book and that as we as a board and the staff listen to the heartbeat of our members the things that are important to them and then we set our priorities for the next year.and then you go to work with the legislature absolutelytell us a little bit about that whole processwell that's an ongoing thing we do it, of course organization days coming up here in november and we'll be involved in that and we have folks from the counties that are at the state house almost everyday that the legislature is there visiting with our legislature and sharing what needs to happen.ok, we're actually recording this today, it's election day when we're recording this so we don't know who's going to be in office when this actually airs but if there are some changes in the legislature or in the governors seat or whatever will that effect your lobbying efforts with farm bureau?well, i think the issues pretty much stay the same no matter who's in there but depending on who the elected officials are depends on where their positions are and how we need to educate them and inform them of things that are valuable to us.

So depeending who gets in there might change a little bit some of the ways we go about it but the issues are pretty much rural issues that we deal with.

Now any of our viewers that are not really familiar with farm bureau they can go online the website and find out more about farm bureau?yes, we do have a website it's www.indianainfarmbureau and you can find that there or you can just go an google indiana farm bureauwhat are some of the issues that face the rural farmers and the people that live in the rural communities of indiana?well, some of the things that we found out from our members back in august again are rural issues we have a very strong desire to have a sustainable way to fund our roads and brididges our infrastructure we all need those and we know that they we're struggling with thoseand that effects everyone absolutley, there's also a real need for rural broadband all of us are running business out here in the rural area and some plas in our state don't have realiable access to internet and so kind of like years ago with the electric and so our goals is tget rural broadband out to the last mile.

And then another issue that came up this year that was interesting to me was is that we've heard about food desserts in our nation and there's a desire with the delegates of indiana farm bureau to see some money in the state budget to do some work on that.

We don't know all of the details on that but getting food to people who need food is important to us.

Well i tnk farmers probably knew about you know getting the food absolutely yeah, alright, well, thank you very much jeff, i really appreciate you talking to me and best of luck to you coming seasonthank youwell, jim thank you very much we appreciate you being on valley ag weekly this week.

You're welcomealright, you've been watching valley ag weekly, i'm barry kent.>> ((tom))our chamber spotlight is shopping season is in full swing and it's starting earlier and of the big days is black friday, the day after christmas.

We told you earlier that several stores are closing on thanksgiving to give their employees some time with their families.we have another great idea for u this season by an event that's happening before black friday at the new sullivan civic center.let's take a look again with katie shane and her special guest to tell us all about it in this week's chamber spotlight: <<katie says, hi, i'm katie shane with this week's valley business weekly chamber spotlight.

I have leslie lentz from the sullivan county chamber of commerce board.


Leslie says, hi.

Katie says so you drew the short straw.

You joined the board recently and they said, you come to visit katie.

Leslie says, that's right.

Katie laughs and says, congratulations.

Leslie says, thank you.

Katie says, so the holiday season, i know it's crazy but it is approaching and sullivan has a great event and you're going to talk a little bit about it.

Leslie says, i am.

I'm here to talk about the holiday market and expo that is hosted at the sullivan civic center which is kind of a new facility in sullivan and it's a great facility to host community events.

Uh, we're having an expo on november 19th, saturday morning.

Um, the purpose of the expo is to promote local businesses, local entrepreneurs, crafters to come in to sullivan to set up a table and show their wares for the community that morning in preparation for the holidays and one thing they like to do is to do it before black friday.

Katie says, ah, i got you.

Leslie says, to give people a chance to shop when it's not so stressful, less pressure and also to shop local and to spend their dollars locally.

Katie says, that's really great and, you know, there are a lot of hidden gems in sullivan.

Great, great stores and great crafters and makers that a lot of people may not know about them so this is a chance for them to discover all those people because they shouldn't be a hidden gem.

We should all know about them.

Leslie, says, right and does give our local artisans a chance to show their wares and it's also a chance for families to come and bring their little ones.

Santa does make an appearance that morning and we have some t-shirts that the children can color and take with them, uh, after the event so it's a it's a nice community event, more low key than shopping at the mall and just a good way to promote business in our community.

Katie says, well, in all of these events, um, community events that go on in the wabash valley couldn't be done without the help of sponsors and the expo has some great sponsors, i know you wanted to rerecognize em.

Leslie says, we do.

We have really four strong sponsors this year.

We have springer insurance, first farmers state bank, hoosier energy the tourism commission of sullivan county.

Katie says, wonderful.

Well, anything else we want people to know about the expo?

Leslie says, i just think it's a nice to come down, if you haven't been to the civic center to see it, uh, it's a really nice building for a small community.

Katie says, yea, it's imimpressiveleslie says, it is.

And i just think it would be a good opportunity to see the businesses that we have downtown and we have a few new ones as well.

And just come down and be a part of the community.

Katie says, why not, right?

Leslie says, right.

Katie says, all right, well let's get the information up on the screen so we make sure everybody has the details.

The holiday market and expo in sullivan county is saturday, november 19th, that's from 9 a.m.

To 1 p.m.

And it is at that fairly new sullivan central plaza civic center.

It is the official holiday season kickoff.

Comome t, support local businesses and as leslie said, santa will come and lots of events for the children.

Thank you so much for being with us and, uh, congratulations on being on your new board position.

Leslie says, thank you, thanks for having me.>> ((tom))the marshall, illinois chamber of commerce is sponsoring an after hours this month at one that county's leading businesses.

The chamber will hold an after hours program at z-f t-r-w on november 17th.

A light snack and a cold beverage will be available and then a tour of the facility to learn about new and upcoming projects.

Tours will be given aty 5- fifteen and 6pm local time.

Again, a marshall chamber of commerce after hours program at zf trw on november 17th from five to six-thirty pm.

That's at 902 south 2nd street in marshall, illinois.

((tom))coming up....our business company of terre haute was founded in 1929.

Overhead door company of terre haute has 11 employees and 5 service trucks on the road.

They serve 5 counties in indiana and 5 counties in illinois, working on residential and commercial doors and operators.

From a 6x6 golf cart door to a 40' hanger door, they have a solution for almost any opening.overhead door company of terre haute are an idea accredited dealer and an a+ better business bureau accredited company.

They are also members of various community organizations like the greater terre haute chamber of commerce, home builders association of greater terre haute, and associated building contractors of terre haute.

For over 85 years they have provided superior customer service for the wabash valley and look forward to serving you for many more find out more about overhead door company of terre haute, go to my wabash valley dot biz and search for keyword "overhead."

((tom))that's it for this week's valley business weekly.



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