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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Newsmakers: Discussion of Trump's candidacy

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Newsmakers: Discussion of Trump's candidacy
Newsmakers: Discussion of Trump's candidacy

Dan Cummings and Tim Byrne talk Trump's candidacy with County GOP Chair Tom Dadey.

Dadey is also the co-chair for the State campaign for Donald Trump.

Today on newsmakers more damage control for republicans after donald trump rates vladimir putin above the u.s. president and the media itself, too hard or not hard enough on the billionaire's bid for the oval office?

Welcome to newsmakers dan cummings with tim byrnes the professor of political science at colgate university and probably see tim on the ivory tower friday night or on-line.

Before we get to the program a quick reference to the moments of silence hopefully you and your family held for the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on 9/11.

That is the news.

The news of the fall is elections.

And you know, the we're still eight weeks and two days from election day, tim, and the boundaries of what we have come to know as normal political speech have continued to be stretch.

>> i think the system is overloading and the usual mechanisms of fact checking they are not well designed for a candidate who will say things that no one has been saying before and if they had said them they would have been politically savaged for it.

It is a new day in how the press and others respond to close the rhetoric.

>> let's talk about it with our guest, tom baitty, the cochair of the state campaign for donald trump and he is the onondaga county republican chair and early supporter for trump and a delegate at the convention and we are glad you are here.

>> thanks for having me.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody impacted by on the horrific attack on our country 15 yea1 it's hard to believe it's been 15 years ago and appropriate that we are talking today the candidatess' position% on wek when matt lauer was speaking with donald trump about russian president putin let's listen.

>> when referring to a comment that putin made about you he called you a brilliant leader and he said it is a great honor to be nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his country and beyond.

>> he does have an 82% approval rating according to the different pollsters who, some of them are based here.

>> he is also a guy who invaded ukraine and supports assad in syria and supports iran is trying to undermine our influence in key regions of the world and according to our intelligence community probably is hacking of the dnc computers.

>> nobody knows that for a fact.

But do you want me to start >i.n he calls me brilliant, i will take the compliment.

Russia wants to defeat isis as badly as we do.n >> matt lauer focused on foreign policies.

What astowppeds me is the nominee cont3 and we can go through similar lists this is a guy who shutdown the free media and there is ae3 leader and built a successful company and i think the point that he is trying to make is that the world does not respect the president of the united states anymore.

We've seen in this country under barack obama's leadership the decline of the world prestige across the world since he has been our leader.

And since hillary clinton spent four years as the head diplomat for this country.

So i think i heard one of the generals defend him saying look it, he paid a compliment to the guy saying he is a strong leader for his country.

What wee need is a strong leader for this country and that is what donald trump is trying to say.

>> first of all, if you go back to 2008, 2009, the united states prestige in the world under george bush was at an all-time low.

>> go back to george bush.

Barack obama had his own he has had his own record for eight years and hillary clinton is running on that.

>> you said the country's prestige had gone down under barack obama.

>> it was low when he came into office and when we are talking about leadership, gary, the iconic russian chess champion said putin is a strong leader like arsenic is a strong drink.

What putin has done ought to be [inaudible] and the idea that a presidential candidate and now his running mate is running on the idea that well, that is what a strong leader looks like in his country and we need a strong leader in our country.

That strong leader is all the things i said, why should any american candidate be praising him in anyway?

>> we don't have a strong leader in this country.

>> we don't need one like putin do we?

>> we do not want a continuation of the barack obama policies for the last eight years that brought us continuing less stt the world platform.

Hillary clinton was his top diplomat for four years.

And 72% of the people in the country want change and want the country going in a different direction.

A third obama term is not going to do that.

Folks underestimated donald trump since he got into the race.

>> what does it have to do with vladimir putin?

>> you want a president who is respected and feared by certain people in this world.

We are not feared right now by isis.

We are not feared by other world leaders.

And those other world leaders, they do what they want in their country -- >> the people that fear putin are journalists and political opponents not necessarily other world leaders.

Putin's leadership is oppression of journalism and political opposition in his country.

>> i mean, look it, this country is heading in the wrong direction there needs to be a change.

And donald trump is willing to offer up that change.

We can talk about putin for the rest of the show if that is what you want to talk about.

But what we should be talking about is how close the presidential race has become and how the polls are narrowing and tightening and how the ratting .

>> fascinating thing to me and that is why i asked you to be on the program because it takes surrogates like you to explain away this heated extraordinary rhetoric that the guy at the top of your ticket keeps having.

If he made the point the way you made them we need strong leader ok.

That is a dialogue and a debate we can have but when he praises the president of russia saying he has been a leader more than our president has been a leader and our generals have been reduced to rubble is that really the type of rhetoric that you think should get to the oval office?

>> there's a lot of things that candidates both hillary clinton and donald trump have said that people don't agree with.

And everything that donald trump said do i agree with?

Absolutely not, ok.

But what i will tell you is that donalitn-?we are not doing anyto create jobs we are not doing3 on the southern border and putting up a wall.

And the republican party plank for years has had put a fence up that is non-porus.

And he is now talking about taking it one step further.

There are a lot of countries have walls to protect their borders.

This world >> we're back on newsmakers dan cummings with tim byrnes our guest is the cochair of the new york state donald trump for president kane campaign chair of the onondaga republican party.

Tom i am not as well read as i should be and i have not read the art of the deal and i assume you have.

>> i have not.

>> this quote fascinated me.

People -- this is donald trump writing -- people want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular, i call it hyperbole it is an effective form of promotion.

And that is the way he has run his presidential campaign, innocent exaggeration but is it innocent when he says things that are untrue frankly the media does not challenge him enough on it.

>> people are getting their media from all different avenues.

As you folks know the media is ever evolving, changing people are not necessarily watching the 11:00 news and not getting the daily newspaper like they used to.

So there's different sorts of media nowadays.

And you know, donald trump you know folks have underestimated him from the get go and he survived 16 other challengers within the republican party.

Folks never thought that he would get in the race and be a serious candidate and win the nomination and here we are less than 60 days to go to election day and he is in a neck-and-neck race with hillary clinton who has been in the business for 30 plus years and husband was president for eight years.

So you know, donald trump is not your typical candidate.

And it has a lot of folks miffed or why is he the head of the republican party?

Why is he leading the ticket?

Because there is a lot of frustration with the voters.

You are seeing it with the polls and seeing it with 72% of the people in the country want to go in a different direction.

You are seeing it with the undecided voters have not made up thi it's going to be interesting 60 days as it's been an interesting year with donald trump in the race.

>> he is heading the ticket because he won the nomination through the process we have.

>> and he won it.

>> and i have no doubt he would be a formidable candidate in the general election campaign.

But dan is referring to the interesting and different way in which he runs for office in terms of the innocent exaggeration.

And he said that hillary clinton has bad judgment because she supported the war in iraq and supported the intervention in libya but donald trump supported the war in iraq.

[inaudible] the only published statement he made about the war in iraq is in support of it.

He filmed a video calling on the u.s. military to over throw libya.

And then he goes on tv and says i was opposed to the war and libya shows that little hillary clinton ha%-?uer again and it gn to the public?

>> i mean we artr the truth and how the press holds candidates to say things -- >> i mean, i do not think that "the new york times" has been very objective.

I think they have been biased towards hillary clinton.

Frankly they have acted like a super pact for hillary clinton.

If you want to talk about truth and bias in the media it goes on.

Donald trump says things that gets reactions from people but at the same token, the lead has shrunk.

And his message of doing something on the world stage.

Our economy and creating jobs and let's face it when is the last time a republican candidate has gone and reached out to the after fran community.

>> that wi doing it or john mccain doing it.

I think h?sok the inner-cities for decades what has it gotten them?

What has it gotten them?

He makes a valid point, i will turn the economy around i know how to create jobs i built a successful company and if people have good paying jobs, it takes care of a lot of problems. >> but you have to be careful about the assumption that he made that everyone in the african-american community in the united states is living in those inner-cities with those problems. >> that is a good point.

>> and what -- they fact checked all the statements made since midsummer and this is discouraging.

Hillary clinton either 22% of the things she said were true.

22% of what she said was true.

28% they thought was found was mostly true.

50% of what hillary clinton said in the campaign according to them was completely or mostly true.

Half of what she said was not true.

And wait, they said 4% of what donald trump has said is true.

And 11% is mostly true.

15% the rest of it that would be 85% is some form of untruth or lie.

And he gets away with it and you say it's working.

>> and yet this presidential race is very close.

Yet this presidential race is close.

It's not over by a long stretch and people had written his obituary after the convention that he is done it's over with.

And i'm like he is getting back on message he made the changes he needed to make with kelly an conway who is smart and brilliant and they have turned the campaign around and you've seen it with the numbers changing.

>> if that is true and you did not challenge it that 85% of what he says is a lie, and it's working politically does that mean the worst liar gets to the oval office in january or the best liar?

>> i mean it's no secret that people do not trust hillary clinton.

I mean, she's very untruth worthy and i will go back it the figure 72% of the people in the country want change.

Hillary clinton is not going to be change.

She is barack obama's >> we're back on newsmakers talking about donald trump.

>> let's talk about policy and the polls and that sort of thing.

You were on the show and we talked about the wall for mexico.

I will say, the wall is not going to be built it costs $50 billion and mexico is not going to build it and congress will not fund it.

And you said that we have a problem with debt.

And donald trump it seems does not have a policy about debt.

He talked about tax cuts that he has no programs to pay for it and talked about a huge expanse in mi spending and said he will not such social security and medicare.

If you cut taxes and you raise the military budget how on earth are you going to cut the deficit?

>> let me go back quick.

People did not think that donald trump would get in the race and be the nominee and stay as long as he has.

>> fund the $50 billion wall.

We need to strengthen our border.

My an sessers came here healy and that is a message that is resonating with the voters.

And we need a plan to fix the debt.

>> does your candidate have one?

>> i believe he is working with the republican members of congress and the speaker ryan and adopting his agenda and moving forward to do something about the debt because we cannot continue to accumulate the debt.

>> [inaudible] >> if you grow the economy that is going to help the overall situation.

So who is the one best to lead the economy and job creation?

It's donald trump it's not hillary clinton.

>> let's listen to donald trump from this week on education and how he would like to put more money and resources into education.

>> my first budget will immediate lid add an additional federal investment of $20 billion towardeitel dollars.

We have to reprioritize.

Specifically, my plan will use $20 billion of existin oloverty.

>> 20 billion.

Where does it come from?

He did not say.

>> you know as a forilf udget allocations on your budget and you can have savings to save.

And i'm sure he is going to look at the budget and say we need to cut things here and make sure that we are going to reallocate this.

Here is the problem we have in this country.

We cannot be all things to all people that is why we are in the in the mess we are in.

>> and he proposed a huge increase in the military adding 13 marine battalions and tens of thousands of and troos and he would lift the caps which he used to be opposed to.

You cannot tell me out of a $4 trillion budget there is waste and fraud and abuse and if you take 10% that is $400 million that is a lot of money.

>> i can show you every presidential candidate saying that.

So it is a complicated legislative process to get there.

And generally we hold presidential candidates to a standard of accountability when they say they will add dozens of billions if not $100 billion to the national debt that they have some plan to pay for that and this is a candidate who has come forward with nothing to say how the programs will be funded.

>> i believe he has a plan because his message as folks are starting to fine-tune and pay attention in this race with less than 60 days to go, the numbers are closing.

And people are paying attention.

And his message is obviously resonating because the race has gotten closer and we are going to see how it unfolds between now and november 8?

>> but the answer to what is his plan?

Cannot be he is doing well in the campaign.

I grant he is doing well andni f campaign where he is proposing very expensive p disagreement that he is a populous candidate as well and that is what populous candidates typically do.

But you are right.

This is not the typical campaign.

It's not the typical presidential year.

And you know, folks have underestimated donald trump before.

We'll see how it's going to shake out.

I'm optimistic.

You go back and people said the same things about him that they say about reagan he was crazy, i cannot believe he is saying the things that he is saying.

And now all of a sudden -- >> governor the california.

>> ronald reagan was behind at this stage of the game and never took a lead in a poll until october.

And you know there's always the october surprise.

You have the debates coming up at the end of this month.

That is going to be -- that has the potential to be a game-changer.

>> after this.

Two questions, tom, is there anything that donald trump has said that you disagree with?

>> there are a lot of things.

>> nothing convinced you -- >> absolutely not.

I was his earliest supporters in new york.

>> and he is all good for you.

>> it's better than the alternative, hillary clinton.

>> and last quickly what is your reaction to john katko's efforts to stay as far away as possible from the campaign and refuse to say whether he he will vote for him.

>> as the leader i want them to support each other that is part of being a team player.

I'm optimistic that congressman katko will get onboard the trump

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