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Arrest made in Myrtle furniture warehouse burglary

Video Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS - Published
Arrest made in Myrtle furniture warehouse burglary
Sept. 17, 2019

A potts camp woman is in jail tonight accused of breaking into a furniture warehouse in myrtle.

Wtva's evan hensley joins us live in union county with how law enforcement was able to identify her... workers here at jackson furniture arrived to work this morning to several items missing... power tools, cash, several laptops and even a television... one area resident told us that myrtle used to have a theft problem..

And he thought i had gotten better... ."

Jackson patterson - myrtle "we've had stuff stolen from us, my dad has had thousands of dollars of tools stole from him a few years ago.

There is nothing you ca do about it because you can't point fingers until you catch them red handed."

Jackson patterson said that the building jackson furniture used to be empty... "it's pretty surprising because people are working there now.

Previously it shouldn't surprise me that much because people wouldn't be as scared to be there with nobody working there.

But it definitely surprises me now there there is a workforce."

Sammie j poole of potts camps was arrested tuesday by deputies and now charged with burglary... "if they don't gotta job they gotta steal it sell it do whatever they can to make money i guess or somehow i guess that;s the only reason i can come up with."

"you own it you work hard for it, it;s very aggravating for somebody who don't care for somebody to come and take it all."

Stand up investigators here at union county used security footage was here at jackson furniture to connect the suspect to another burglary in another place.

Sheriff jimmy edwards - union county "they had a few cameras which goes to show the importance of security cameras and they had some.

We were able to capture."

Bond has not been set for poole and edwards said they are looking into if this was an isolated incident... reporting live in myrtle eh wtva 9 news "its too hot really...i think...for fires and smores and all that stuff

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Arrest in Myrtle furniture warehouse burglary [Video]

Arrest in Myrtle furniture warehouse burglary

Arrest in Myrtle furniture warehouse burglary

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MSPublished