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Madison County honors fallen officers

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL - Published
Madison County honors fallen officers

Madison County honors fallen officers

WAAY 31's Shosh Bedrosian went to the Madison County Career Technical Center and saw what their program does for fallen officers


Fires in alabama in the last 30-days.

New information tonight.

We're hearing from neighbors in tuscaloosa after a police officer was shot and killed.

Luther watkins is charged with capital murder after authorities say he killed officer dornell cousette yesterday afternoon.

Tonight -- neighbors call the events eye-opening and senseless.

"it kind of wakes you up because these people put their lives on the line everyday for us and sometimes we take that for granted so its just really sad to hear i was in disbeleif didn't know what was going on so close to home.

Stupidy, there's too many young kids making dumb decisions."

Watkins will be held without bond as soon as he's released from the hospital.

Officer cousette is being honored in north alabama.

Waay 31's shosh bedrosian went to the madison county career technical center and saw what their program does for fallen officers.

Shosh on cam: the law enforcement program at the madison county technical center honors every officer who lost their life nationally and on this bulletin right here, they honor the 10 officers who have lost their life since the start of the school year.

Burnie stedham, instructor for law enforcement program at madison co.

Career technical center "we talk about the positive things like training.

We talk about how the numbers are hopefully going down, what causes it.

Everyone of these has a story behind it" "they learn something and they pass it on and talk about it and train for it and to teach the next group what happened and for it to not happen again" on tuesday, officers in the area draped their badges with black bars to honor officer dornell cousette who was shot and killed while serving a warrant.

Instructor stedham tells me he tries to prepare his students for all situations if they become officers through real- life training.

Burnie stedham, instructor for law enforcement program at madison co.

Career technical center "we watch videos, we listen to calls that come out and they understand that all of these can be involved with potentially people that want to harm you or harm someone else" state trooper curtis summerville tells me he used to work for the tuscaloosa police department and even remembers the exact street where the officer was killed.

Trooper curtis summerville, alabama law enforcement agency "as soon as they said this incident happened, i immediately know what street it was on because i worked that particular district in tuscaloosa" trooper summerville says even though he doesn't know the trooper, he still sent his condolences to the police department there.

Reporting in madison county, sb--waay 31 news.

Officer cousette is the fourth officer to be shot and killed

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