A Fascinating Book for True-Crime Lovers
A Fascinating Book for True-Crime Lovers

Journalist Billy Jensen spent fifteen years investigating unsolved murders, fighting for the families of victims. Every story he wrote had one thing in common—they didn’t have an ending.

The killer was still out there.

But after the sudden death of friend Michelle McNamara, crime writer and author of "I'll Be Gone in the Dark", Billy became fed up.

Following a dark night, he came up with a plan.

A plan to investigate past the point when the cops had given up.

A plan to solve the murders himself.

Billy joins us to discuss his new book, "Chase Darkness with Me", and how it tells the story of his obsession with cracking cold cases as a citizen detective.

Billy has a book event tonight, August 16 at 7pm at Boswell Book Company - "In Conversation with Wisconsin Public Radio's Doug Gordon".

For more information, visit ChaseDarknessWithMe.com.