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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The night after the party, U.S. team delights in World Cup win

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The night after the party, U.S. team delights in World Cup win
The night after the party, U.S. team delights in World Cup win

Megan Rapinoe says team USA are living it up following their World Cup triumph as the women continue to push for equal pay.



We are coming home!

Thank you." JOURNALIST ASKING (English): "How was the party last night?" RAPINOE: "Party was good last night, it is hard to compare, yes, I mean when you have all your family and friends, obviously the whole crew, all the staff, everyone there, in one place, that is a pretty ridiculous party every time." 2.


(SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. SOCCER TEAM MIDFIELDER, MEGAN RAPINOE, SAYING: JOURNALIST ASKING (English): "Megan, did you hear the crowd chanting 'equal pay'?" RAPINOE: "A little bit, yes, it was right at the end, right?

Yes, definitely heard that as we were kind of lining up on the... I mean, I think it is just everybody, everybody is ready for it, everybody wants it, everybody is ready for the conversation to move to the next piece and to have something like that and, you know obviously in the biggest match, that went so far beyond anything, sport, it was pretty incredible." 4.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. SOCCER TEAM CENTRE BACK, BECKY SAUERBRUNN, SAYING: "Well, I mean, it is always good to have in a back pocket the fact that we are now back to back champions.

I think, in general, this tournament shows that there is interest in women soccer and that federations that are investing in their women's programmes did very well this tournament.

So, I think it just shows that if you invest in women, you will see a return of that investment." JOURNALIST ASKING (English): "And the decision to go to the White House, when will that be made and how?" SAUERBRUNN: "Well, I do not know if we're ever going to be invited and so, I guess if that ever comes about, then we will have a team discussion to figure it out." 5.

RAPINOE LEAVING HOTEL AND GETTING ON TEAM BUS STORY: The night after a party to remember, the World Cup winning U.S. soccer team left their team hotel on Monday morning (July 8) still in the mood for celebration - and talking the need for equal pay.

Megan Rapinoe, who scored a penalty in Sunday's 2-0 final win over the Netherlands, told reporters in Lyon the team had a 'good party' the night before and that they couldn't wait to touch down in New York to celebrate with fans at home.

Rapinoe has captured attention throughout the tournament for her on-field performances and her willingness to speak on contentious topics, mainly equal pay with the men's game and her comment that she would not attend the White House if the team won, which drew the ire of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Rapinoe said she heard fans chanting 'equal pay' during the final saying she hoped women will receive payment on par with men for winning the World Cup in future.

She also said she wanted to see more investment in the women's game.

Centre back Becky Sauerbrunn echoed those thoughts and said a decision about visiting the White House has not been made as they have not yet been invited.

The U.S. team now heads for New York where they will be honoured Wednesday (July 10) with a parade.

This was the fourth Women's World Cup victory for the Americans, following wins in 1991, 1999 and 2015.


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