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Friday, 5 March 2021

megan newscasy

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megan newscasy
megan newscasy
megan newscasy


A potential breakthrough in the fight against cance?

How the new technology could change the lives of many.

Good evening i'm megan diventi.

We'll have those stories and more?

Right now?

On 44news at nine.

Today it was all sunny skies as the rain takes a bit of a break across the tr?state.

And there's a possibility of some cooler weather in the next wee?

Lets get you over to meteorologis t anthony copeland with a first check of the forecast.

Hey anthon?

One man is dead tonight after a shooting early sunday morning in daviess county.

Noah alatza joins us live in studio with the latest on this story., noah?


It's been an emotional day for some owensboro residents.

Tonigh?i spoke with the victims family about the change they hope to see in the city.

"we are all eaten up alive right now and i just wish things would get better."

Owensboro resident christian crabtree says the victim in last nights shooting was part of his family.

No?he says the city he's always know?needs to change.

"this is crazy...people need to put the guns down, there is too much violence."

Police were called to a home on the 1500 block of 9th street on owensboro's wes?side just after midnight.

Police say when they arrive?they found a man who died from a single gunshot wound.

((andrew boggess)) "when we arrived we located the victim and there was several other people at the residence attempting to render aid to the victim, officers along with ems attempted to render aid as well and were ultimately not successful in doing so."

Police say the death has been ruled as a homicide.

"we have multiple detectives here working and i would expect that to continue for the foreseeable future, so anyone that has information please contact the police department."

Authorities say until a suspect has been identified it's far too early to determine what a motive would be.

But for crabtree, he says he wants the violence to stop.

"i do think owensboro has a lot going on it keeps getting worse and guns keep getting put in the wrong hands and that's not the way to settle anything and now i have to bury my brother and that's not the right thing to do."

The name of the victim has not yet been released.

Police say they are investigating this case.

Anyone with information is asked to call the owensboro police department.

Na 44 news.

A daviess county detached garage is destroyed in an overnight fire.

Fire crews were called to the 33 hundred block of pleasant valley road a little after 10 saturday night.

The philpot assistant fire chief tells 44new?when they arrived at the scen?

The garage was fully involved.

Crews were at the scene for nearly three hours.

We're told the owners of the property were on vacation at the tim?no one was hurt in that fire.

Two people are identified after a fatal car crash saturday night.

The union county coroner has identified both donald west and conia wilson as the two people killed in that cras?

On bypass 60 west in morganfield.

Both wilson and west were in their late 70's and died of blunt force trauma sustained in the wreck.

Authorities say one of the cars involved failed to yield at a light and crashed into another car.

Another person was taken to an area hospital.

The precautionar y boil advisory issued thursday for the east side of evansville is now lifted.

Evansville water and sewer utility officials lifted that boil advisory sunday morning.

Officials say this comes after an equipment failure at a water hydrant on lincoln avenue caused some areas to experience low water pressure.

Stay with 44news as we continue to update you on this story.

Tyson foods is recalling nearly 190 thousand pounds of its read?t?eat chicken fritter products that may be contaminated with hard plastic.

The ?s department of food and agriculture announced the recall just days ago.

The natio?

Wide recall comes after three consumer complaints from schools regarding foreign material within the breaded chicken fritter product.

Anyone who has purchased these products should throw them away or return them to the place of purchase.

Several congressiona l committee hearings on the mueller report are scheduled to take place this week?

Beginning monday (6/10).

Since the trump administration has refused to cooperate?

Those proceedings are already the focus of controversy.

Mark meredith has the latest from washington.

John dean will be one of four people to testify before the house judiciary committee on monday.

House democrats say the hearing will be focused on 'lessons from the mueller report.'

Rhode island congressman david cicilline says monday's hearing is about justice...not politics.

"this is about defending the constitution and the rule of law.

It's not just about this president, it's about future presidents, and how they will regard their responsibiliti es in office.

The american people expect us to hold this president accountable, to follow the facts wherever they lead us, and the impeachment question will be decided by the facts."

But house republicans say monday's hearing is nothing more than a political stunt.

Republican congressman mark meadows spoke out on fox's "sunday morning futures."

He says if special counsel robert mueller or his investigators eventually do testify...there will be plenty to ask about.... "from my perspective, it's a one sided report that doesn't give the privilege of a cross examination, so if they come they need to be prepared to be cross examined with the facts, which would paint a very different picture."

This week the house is also likely to vote on a resolution holding the attorney general in contempt of congress.

On tuesday, the full house is expected to consider the measure.

Democrats on the judiciary committee are demanding attorney general bill barr turn over the full, u?redacted mueller report.

But barr so far has refused after president trump invoked executive privilege.

That was mark meredith reporting.

The house is expected to hold former white house counsel don mcgahn in contempt as well.

Democrats are furious over mcgahn refusal to testify and turn over documents.

Tonight at 9:3?

A new report reveals shocking results about retiremen?

Learn how it can impact you when it comes to saving for the future.

And... floods in the midwest continue to cause problems for farmers?

Some even saying the whole year may be a loss.

And... meteorologis t anthony copeland is back next with a full look at the forecast?

On 44news at 9.

Severe flooding in the midwest (paul) great.

Another wireless ad.

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Now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month.

So switch now.

For people with hearing loss, visit is washing away profits for farmers.

Vic faust talked to one farmer who says he doesn't expect to plant a crop this year at all.

"got our own island!

Oceanfront property."

7?yea?old mike jones can only sit, watch and pray that the floodwaters covering his st.

Charles county farm recede.

"outside of those trees there i've got another 200 acres that's about 13 feet deep in water."

Right now, he's just trying to keep the water out of his home.

"'93 was bad, but i believe this one is worse because it seems like it's staying up longer."

Where corn, soybeans and wheat should be growing sits three to five feet of river water.

Jones says between pike, lincoln, and st.

Charles county, he's hearing that at least a billion dollars will be lost in the farming industry.

The flood really hits his bottom line.

"i think we're losing a lot of money.

We're not going to get a crop in this year, i don't believe.

Just me personally, i only farm about a thousand acres, but it's probably $45?500,000."

Last year a drought burned up a good deal of farmersprofits.

Now a flood is hammering their bottom line.

Many jobs also sit idle.

Jones believes much of the flooding could be eliminated if the lock and dams and reservoirs were properly regulated.

"they should have them down going into the spring, especially when they knew we had all that snow up north.

And they did not do that."

After battling what jones believes is eight to nine major floods since 1981... he and his family contemplate doing something else, but farming is what they know.

For now, he says he works, waits and prays for water to do down.

"i'm hoping that it'll drop at least a couple feet in the next week or so, but i would say it's going to be around at least another four to five weeks."

The wildfire season is heating up in the west.

A second fire broke out in arizona's tonto national forest?

And in california the "sand fire" near sacramento has sparked evacuations.

Janet sha?

Lian reports.

Fires across california.

On a packed sunday?

6 flags magic mountain near los angeles evacuated due to a brush fire nearby.

In northern california the sand fire scorched at least 18 hundred acres fueled by gusting winds and seering heat.

Mandatory evacuations ordered for more than 100 homes northwest of sacramento (17:24 allegra lopez) 'i'm racing home, i see the smoke and oh gosh it's terrible thinking its so close) allegra lopes lives a mile and a half away.

'i think about paradise last year and so i'm packing' in an area with few roads, some have been forced to leave belongings and livestock behind.

(13:33 ingela kaersvang) 'i don't know about my horses, last anyone saw them they were running down the driveway' in arizona, a second fire has erupted in an already burning tonto national forest..

This one west of phoenix.

'as we hit those triple digit temperatures , it just makes it more susceptible for that one spark to catch tha dry grass on fire and move as quickly as we've seen these fires move) both fires in the state are charring thousands of acres of wilderness and hiking trails..

No homes are threatened.

That was janet sha?

Lian reporting.

As many as 20 thousand people in northern california were without power during mandatory blackouts?

As utility ?g and e turned off power as a precaution.

An excessive heat watch is in effect through tuesday president trump comes under fire for how he's handling illegal immigration.


As the administration reaches a deal with mexico to avoid costly tariffs.

The trump administration is pushing back again?

Saying the deal the administration reached with mexico?

To avoid imposing tariffs on its neighbor to the south?

Was already in place.


As president trump is coming under more criticism for his approach to illegal immigration.

Fox news corresponde nt david spunt has the latest from the white house.

The president has yet to say anything on camera about this deal with mexico, but, he was promoting it heavily on twitter over the weekend.

This comes as a new report suggests that mexican officials promised to fulfill parts of that deal several months ago.

The new york times is reporting officials from the united states and mexico met back in march, agreeing then to terms which included mexicans sending the national guard to protect the border, but, that report is getting heavy pus?back from the president, who said parts of the deal are new, and couldn't go through until everything was signed just a few days ago.

Now, the deal announced late friday night includes mexico deploying six thousand troops to its southern border with guatemala.

Migrants will wait in mexico for the asylum process to play out instead of waiting in the united states.

That was something the trump administratio n pushed for.

Mexico will offer migrants jobs, health care and education while taking action against human smuggling and trafficking operations.

Appearing on "fox news sunday," acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan disputed the new york times reporting that this plan has been around for months.

"all of it is new.

I mean, we.

We've heard commitments before from mexico to do more on their southern border.

The last time they deployed down there, it was about four hundred or five hundred officers.

This is more than te?fold commitment to increase their security in chiapas.


That's where people are entering from guatemala in southern mexico."

Late saturday afternoon, mexico's president held a rally in tijuana to celebrate the deal with the united states.

Originally, the event was supposed to be an effort to convince the trump administratio n to back off of tariffs, but, it turned into somewhat of a party.

But, not everyone is celebrating the president's negotiating tactics with mexico.

"he's becoming the 'threatener in chief.'

He is treating these farmers like they're poker chips, basically, at one of his bankrupt casinos.

I think it's wrong, and i think that we should have a consistent strong trade policy that works for everyone in america."

And now, the tariff talk switches to china.

President trump and his counterpart?

Xi jinping will meet in osaka, japan, at the ?20 summit in just a few weeks.

At the white house, david spunt, fox news.

Amid steady sanctions against the iranian regime?

And continued tension between the united states and iran?

Iranian leadership called on europe today (?9) to try to normalize trade relations with the islamic republic.

Speaking in tehran?

Iranian foreign minister warned of consequences for european countries who do not seek common economic ground with iran.

After withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal last year?

The trump administration has imposed heavy sanctions on a variety of iranian sectors?

Forcing iran to look to other countries for relief.

"mister trump has announced that he is pursuing an economic war.

Economic war targets ordinary people, and is, in fact, terrorism.

This policy must stop.

The only solution to current problems is stopping the policy of economic war."

The comments come as the united states maintains a large military presence in the persian gulf?

With an aircraft carrier strike group consisting of warships and warplanes.


After numerous attacks by iranian proxies on western oil infrastructu re happened over the past month.

Also new over the weekend?

Images were released showing an air defense system developed in iran.

The country's defense minister claims the new system can track and destroy stealth targets at around thirty miles away.

Women and girls are typically considered the main victims of sex trafficking?

But boys and young men also fall victim to the dark trade.


We'll take a closer look some people who are finding ways to break the vicious cycle.

The state department estimates as many as 50 thousand women and girls are the victims of sex trafficking every year in the united states.


An often overlooked aspect of the dark trade is young boys who fall victim to traffickers.

Fox news anchor jon scott takes a look at a florida based home for those who have broken the cycle of human trafficking.

"i met a five year old boy there that had been sold for sex.

It broke my heart."

Kevin malone, a former general manager for the los angeles dodgers, c?

Founded the united states institute against human trafficking after a mission trip to thailand.

"that was 2009, and started vetting the problem to see what was going on in the united states.

And i realize that maybe there is a bigger problem for boys that no one's talking about."

An estimated 40 million people?

Across the globe?

Are the victims of human trafficking each year.

Many are forced into sexual slavery at a young age.

While attention is brought to the female victims and survivors, most of the public is unaware that boys, some as young as ten year?old, are also forced into the dark world of trafficking.

"you're being raped 10, 15, 20 times a day by men, disgusting men that you don't have any idea who they are.

It's in a motel.

It's in a home.

And it'?

It coul?

They could be anywhere in the country, but it's all the same."

"certainly there's a tremendous number of girls being sold.

But if we look at one particular study funded by the department of justice, that study identified an estimated 36% of kids that are trafficked are boys.

And yet as we traveled the country, we couldn't find really any services for boys."

Geoff rogers c?founded the institute with malone.

He explains how underserved this subset of victims have been in the united states and how their organization is turning their sights on helping the male survivors of trafficking.

"two years ago, we opened in florida the very first boys safe home.

And so this safe home is for young boys that have been sex trafficked.

They're from the ages of ten to 17.

Every child, and the experiences that they've had, is very, very different, especially when it comes to the boys."

Fox news was given unprecedente d access to the boys home.

Opened in 2017 by the institute in a remote location of florida, the home is the first in the us, and currently the only one of its kind in operation.

Because the work done at this home is so delicate, we are not showing the survivors currently staying there.

"one thing i'll tell you is over the last two years, we'v?

We've worked with boys 15, 16, 17 years old.

That's been predominantl y who we worked with up until several weeks ago when we got the first phone call about a ten year old boy.

That particular ten year old boy, he was t?


He and his mom both were trafficked by their father, his father."

Rogers says they try to help these young men adjust to a pos?

Trafficking life and provide a sense of normalcy within the home.

"and so with these boys, most of them, really all of them now, are going to public school.

Some of them now have cellphones that they can check in and check out.

Some of 'em have some social media access.

They're on xbox.

They're on the internet.

It's all monitored, of course.

But what we're really doing is trying to give them the most normal environment possible.

Because really it's a recognition that these are just kids.

They're just teenagers."

Kevin malone adds that young survivors of human trafficking, both male and female, do not usually become wel?

Adjusted once they reach adulthood.

"they either don't have the services, they don't know how to get the services, and they're jus?

They're stuck."

Malone says that the us can't afford any longer to turn a blind eye to the trafficking of young boys and girls.

Malone says: "i have yet have yet to me?

Meet a woman, or a boy, or a girl that says, 'it was my dream to be raped a bunch of times everyday.'" that was fox news anchor jon scott reporting.

If you or someone you know is caught up in sex trafficking?

Contact the national center for missing and exploited childrdren at one eight hundred the lost.

If you're tired of dragging yourself to walmart for your grocery shopping?

The company is willing to bring your groceries to you.

And... if you're one of the millions of americans who suffer from migraines?

A new app may offer some relief.

But first... meteorologis t anthony copeland will have another look at your forecast next on 44news at 9.

Z3a5uz z16fz y3a5uy y16fy are you ready for retirement?

It turns out most americans aren't even thinking about saving for retirement.

Fox's tracee carrasco takes a closer look in this week's edition of "your cash."

Are you prepared for a life after retirement?

A new report reveals that most americans are far off track when it comes to saving for the future.

Marketwatch edito?i?chief jeremy olshan says people are focusing more on life events..... rather than putting those crucial dollars aside for retirement.

"we talked to one analyst who said people spend more time planning their weddings than they do their retirement.

So we need to give much more thought and consideration to what that transition means, both financially, emotionally."

To tackle this issue?

Olshan says more and more americans are now turning to a new movement dubbed fire.... an acronym for financial independence, retire early.

The movement pushes for americans to save aggressively during their 20's and 30's for retirement.

"the fire movement has been fascinating to watch unfold.

The key part of fire is not the retiring at age 30, it's the financial independence.

It's the idea like you work on your own terms."

While some critics describe the fire movement as unrealistic in today's economy.

Olshan argues that financial independence plays a crucial role on whether you'll live comfortably after retirement.?so finding a way to get to that point where it's on your terms is we talk to a lot of young people that's their goal?

And of course, it's always important to handle your emotions when making big financial decisions during your early years.?what financial advisers talk about now is that's a big part of their job, helping people, think about...they'r e not just managing money they're managing your emotions, your psychology, getting you to think about this future self?

After all, it's your cash.

Tracee carrasco, fox business.

Are you tired of your kids raiding the fridge until it's empty?

Walmart wants to help.

The retail giant is launching an in home delivery service to bring groceries right to your fridge.

In a test run starting this fall?

Employees will not only do your food shopping for you?

But they'll stock your shelves as well.

Customers place their order online.

A worker will grab the groceries, enter your home using smart access technology, and unload them in your fridge.

The company says the delivery workers will be properly vetted and will wear body cameras to help you feel secure.

Amazon unveils its newest automated helpers named after mythological characters.

The online retail company hopes 800 "pegasus" and "xanthus" robots will have huge benefits inside its denver delivery processing center.

The robots are about the size of a big suitcase.

They move about with packages along a "robot highway"?

With conveyor belts zipping them down chutes.

Amazon associates use software to guide their movements.

Amazon says it will hire people to manage the systems and the program will move to sorting centers this year.

There's a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Doctors in one north carolina hospital are using cutting edge technology to target and destroy tumors?

Considered inoperable in some patients.

Fox's ann wyat?little has more.

"you just look at everything differently when you're faced with a life threatening disease."

Despite being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer two years ago, valerie owens stays hopeful.

"it kind of started this roller coaster ride of going through chemo and radiation."

And then it spread.

"it metastasized to my liver."

But thanks to new technology?

The 5?yea?

Old is gaining ground against cancer.

"most people with liver tumors unfortunatel y are not candidates to have the tumors removed.

And so another alternative, in selective people, would be rather than removing the tumor, to destroy the tumor."

Dr. david iannitti at atrium health in charlott?

C?developed an advanced ?

D image guidance system to make destroying tumors easier.

"see the needle versus the target?"

"i can push that needle through and boom.

You can see how it hit the target the first time, every time."

The new technology combines virtual reality, real time ultrasound and positioning.

The green track on the screen helps guide surgeons to the tumor.

Decreasing time in the operating room and complication rates.

"you can imagine if you need to stick, and r?stick and r?stick than that can cause problems like bleeding and leaking of bile and even potentially spilling tumor cells."

Iannitti performed the first ever commercial surgery using the system in april at carolinas medical center.

He's also valerie's surgeon.

A procedure she's thankful for.

"if it improves my chances one percent, i am in, i'm all in for that."

The technology is another tool in the fight against cancer.

Improving patient care... and giving patients like valerie even more hope.

"now, if we can make it easier for the surgeons and more effective then more people will adapt the technology and then hopefully more people will then get treated."

"the journey that i've taken through all of the support of the doctors and all this has just increased my faith immensely."

That was fox's ann wyat?

Little reporting.

Doctors and researchers at atrium health hope the technology will soon be used by surgeons everywhere.

The world health organization says one in 25 people have quote, "at least one" curable ??i.

In a report?


N health experts say that the occurrences take place at a rate of more than one million a day worldwide.

They also warn that if left untreated?

These infections could seriously impact the health of adults, teens and unborn children.

The report covers the effects of untreated chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis?

Which can include infertility, pregnancy complications, stillbirths, neurological and cardiovascul ar disease and an increased ??v risk.

A new app may be able to help those suffering from migraines even though most shy away from technology during bouts of extreme pain.

Researchers at the ??u school of medicine say the?rela??


App could help the roughly 36 million americans experiencing regular migraines.

The app uses progressive muscle relaxation therapy?


R?a technique where certain muscles are flexed and relaxed to reduce overall stress.

Study participants who used the app two or more times a week said after two months?

They experienced four fewer days of headaches.

The music world mourns the loss of dr. john.

Tonigh?we take a look into his decades of work and and music.

The music world is mourning (paul) great.

Another wireless ad.

So mas e about their network and offers and blah blah blah.


Sprint's going to do things differently.

And let y.

They're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee.


If you don't love it, get your money back.



Now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month.

So switch now.

For people with hearing loss, visit the loss of new orleans legend "doctor john."

The singer and pianist?

Who was known for his gravelly bayou voice and his genius piano style?

Died this past week after a heart attack.

Kenneth craig takes a look back at his half century career.

Right place at the wrong time he famously sang about being in the right place at the wrong time, but dr. john's career proved he was, more often than not, in the perfect place at the perfect time.

He fused voodoo funk, psychedelic rock and his new orleans roots to create a sound that won him 6 grammy awards and an induction to the rock and roll hall of fame.his voice is one of the most recognizable in the world.

"love that chicken from popeyes."

Dr. john was born malcolm john rebennack (re?a?nack) and he began his career as a guitarist, learning from the greats in new orleans like professor longhair and art neville.he made the piano his main instrument around 1960, after his ring finger on his left hand was damaged in a shooting incident in mississippi.he moved to los angeles where he developed his own persona: "dr. john, the nite tripper."

He recorded about 35 albums in his hal?century career and collaborated with the grateful dead, the rolling stones and van a musician, he says he focused on keeping his music fresh.

(sot: dr. john/ musician)"anyt hing that's not changing is dead.

And who wants to listen to dead music?"

To his fans, his music was very much& alive.

Ain't that a shame.

That was kenneth craig reporting.

Doctor john was 77 year?


We begin tonight on the high school softball fields... the tecumseh softball team came up short in yesterday's state championship game.

A win would have given the lady braves their first state crown since 2017... and their first since moving to 2a.


The braves have reason to believe this run to state is only the beginning.

It's our goal every year to get here.

But i usually keep it quiet, i always tell them you work hard in practice you get better in practice you get better with each game.

You work and you work and you work, you play better teams all the time so when you get here you don't get the big eyes and you're scared to death.

We'll get back here, things have to go right but we'll get back here.

On the baseball diamonds the southridge raiders punched their ticket to the 2a state championship in indianapolis with a win over south vermillion yesterday.

This marks just the second appearance at state for the raiders.... southridge did come up short at state last year and are ready for second shot at what would be their first title in program history.

Yeah, flipping the page making sure we're working hard, and getting ready for alexandria is who we're playing so just working hard and getting prepared.

Can't even put it into words, this is all for the seniors and the coaches and the community, this is a great feeling but, we've got one more.

Just play the ball we know we play and we'll be fine.

You don't have to worry about anything special if we play how we know how to play then we're good.

It would mean a lot, we have a lot of young kids coming up to look up to us and it would really be something special for gene and all the coaches and all of us too it would be awesome.

I'm sure they're going to be a really good team.

But we're a really good team too, so our following week of preparation is going to be huge in how we play next monday or tuesday so we're really looking forward to it.

On the pro diamonds the reds visiting the phillies in the city of brotherly love..

Picking things up in the 5th inning... bryce harper tries to steal home... cincy stops him in his tracks... but the reds still trailed ?1.

It stayed that way until the 7th... bags loaded for joey votto... and the reds firstbaseman delivers the clutch 2 out game tying knock into center field.

But cincy wasn't done there.

Next batter is eugenio suarez... and he rips a single into left... coming in to score the go ahead run is nick senzel.

The reds go on to win ?3.

In the american league the white sox visit the royals..

Top of the second innning eloy jimenez cranks a monster solo shot to center field... and the south siders draw first blood.

Later in the inning... sox with a man on... and charlie tillson goes the other way... keeping one just fair..

Yolmer sanchez is off on contact and scores just ahead of the throw to make to ?0 chicago.

The royals would pick up a run and in the 7th... yoan moncada singles into left center field... scoring is tillson and the sox lead by two again.

In the 8th the southsiders add another run for good measure.

Tim anderson goes the other way up against the wall.

Jimenez scores on the play.

Sox win ?2.

On the golf course its the final day of the rbc canadian open... we begin with shane lowry... on the 13th hole and a par 3... off the tee he nearly gets the hole in one... he would then make birdie to move to 3 under on the day.

Then... on the 17th hole and a par 5..

Lowry hits his third shot to within a few feet of the hole.

He'd finish in a tie for second at 15 under.

Next up is webb simpson... how about this shot... on the 18th hole and a par 4..

Simpson's 3rd shot is taken from the rough.

But it just keeps going and falls in.

He'd finish in a tie for second as well at 15 under par.

Finally we end on rory mcilroy... on the second hole and a par 2... his second shot comes ever so close to the hole.

Mcilroy wound up with birdie on that one.

On the 12th hole mcilroy's second shot lands close to this one as well... and again he winds up with birdie on that hole.

On the 14th... mcilroy with a chance for birdie... and he nails the long putt... that makes it 4 birdies in a row!

Finally on the 17th and a par 5... mcilroy lands his shot to within a few feet of the hole... he wound end up with eagle on that one.

Mcilroy wins the 2019 canadian rbc open..

Finishing at 22 under par.

Finally an update on game 6 of the stanley cup final..

Right now the blues trail ?1 in the third.

Unless st.

Louis comes back... game 7 will be on wednesday in boston.

That's all i have for you in sports.

We'll be right back after this quick time out.

Wallace of alabama posted this video to facebook?

Showing a giant inflatable cow from chic?fi?a flying through the air in montgomery friday afternoon (6/7).

In her post?

Wallace said her car and three others were hit by the airborne bovine during a wind storm.

She said she didn't think the huge cow did any damage.




Thanks for joining us tonight on 44news at nine.

Don't forget to follow 44 news on facebook and twitter.

Have a goodnight.

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