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Midmorning With Aundrea - June 7, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - June 7, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - June 7, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we take a look at community colleges and their workforce programs. And travel guru Kelly McKellar joins us with tips on travel protection.

And in keeping with our weeklong celebration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we meet 97 year old Tom Rice who was one of the paratroopers on the vanguard of the invasion.

We share his remarkable story.

?pric at prices at the pump.

What can you expect for your summer travels?

And, they're convenient but laundry pods can be dangerous.

Plus, travel protection plans.

Midmorning starts right now.

E bu sum the busy summer travel season is here and many drivers are facing high prices at the gas pump.

But as nichelle medina tells us, there could be some relief on the way.

Trt 1:16 gerard van gerwen knows these days, there's no avoiding pain at the pump.

The cost to fill the truck he uses for his hauling business just keeps going up.

"i mean i try t find the cheapest gas prices while i'm driving around but sometimes it's hard."

According to a new survey from triple-a - a growing number of americans are becoming numb to gas prices.

The cost of fuel spiked across the country over the memorial day weekend - but has since started to slowly come down.

Right now - the national average for regular unleaded is about $2.80 a gallon - but in some states like california, prices are close to 4 dollars a gallon.

"it's definitel distressing, but i don't know, i guess there's not much i can do about it."

"there is goo news for consumers this summer&the highest prices could be in the rearview mirror."

Triple-a expects prices at the pump to drop by at least 10 cents in the coming weeks, as many drivers hit the road for summer vacations.

The reason: "gas prices ar going down because crude oil prices are much cheaper than they were last year."

For drivers like gerard - áany relief is welcome& "it's rea frustrating // i'm afraid i will have to raise my prices at work just to get by."

He hopes to drive through the summer without any more price bumps in the road.

Nichelle medina cbs news los angeles.

Triple a says there are some things driver can do to get better gas mileage this summer, including driving slower and using your air conditioning - which actually provides less drag on your engine than driving with your windows open.

Amazon says this little device will soon replace a delivery man... at least in some areas.

It's a prime air electric delivery drone.

The online retailer unveiled the unmanned aircraft wednesday.

According to amazon-- the drone can deliver small packages up to 15- miles away in less than half an hour.

It is designed carry the packages in its central compartment.

It's supposed to be so quiet that people may not hear it coming.

The company expect deliveries to begin in the next few months... but amazon did not say where the deliveries would take place.

A woman in alaska wants to use vending machines to help moms avoid diaper emergencies.

She came up with "baby vend" - vending machine that dispenses baby products.

That includes anything from diapers, to changing pads, pacifiers and breast-feeding products.

The first baby vend machine is already up and running at the anchorage airport.

But its inventor, jasmin smith, is hoping to take the idea nationwide.

"i eventually want baby ven to be anywhere a parent is that travels or has family outings, so parents can get past this, 'i have to have the perfect diaper bag in order to have a good experience."

Smith says she came up with the idea after she ran out of diapers while traveling with her babies.

The college admissions scandal turned a harsh spotlight on just how far families will go to get their children into college.

But it's also brought a fresh look at whether four- year colleges are the right pathway for all students.

In our continuing school matters series, kenneth craig explores community colleges and their workforce programs. advocates argue they have long been underutilized, and have carried a stigma the trump administration is trying to shed.

Julian linares is finishing the 2- year industrial design program at laguardia community college with a new set of skills.

They've taught me how to build a portfolio, how to analyze situations and think critically in order to find solutions full-time tuition here is less than 5-thousand dollars a year... a fraction of the cost at a four year college.

We're in one of our main assets here in our division mark healy is in charge of continuing education and says laguardia prepares students to walk out the door and into jobs in 70 different fields.

That includes emergency technicians, plumbers and computer scientists.

I think this is a great opportunity for folks to realize that community colleges now are sort of the backbone of many major cities tom brock researches community colleges at columbia university.

He says graduates of a four-year college have the greatest earning potential... but that's not the best option for all students.

Some want to get into the workforce quickly, maybe they have a family to support..

They're not interested in philosophy or theory but they want to learn skills they can put into use in the job market the trump administration agrees and wants to end the stigma.

We must invest in job traing and vocational education.

Linares graduates this month with his associate degree.

He says he's found his passion in design... and plans to continue his education before launching a career.

Kc, cbs news, long island city, new york.

As of fall 2017, about 35 percent of undergraduate students were at two year colleges.

A recent columbus high school graduate has been accepted into 20 colleges... and earned more 22 scholarships.

Marian turner was the valedictorian in her high school class... while also graduating summa cum lade from east mississippi community college in a duel enrollment program... she's now looking to build on her success when she goes to spelman college this fall.

Our quentin smith speaks with the young scholar... going to college is something turner has always dreamed off..

She took to the books and worked hard to make that dream come true.

"it was really shocking whe everything started to come in, the scholarships and the acceptances, that's when it really hit me that i've been doing well."

Nat she's been doing so well that a picture of turner and her accolades is gaing a lot of attention on social media... the the recent graduate finished high school with a 4.5 gpa...and racked up more than 400 dollars in scholarships... "it's a shock for me becaus when i was coming into my senior year i didn't expect it, so just seeing how much work that i've put into it and being able to receive that much money, it's getting me into my dream school."

Her dream school is spelman college.... which is where the high achieving scholar earned herself a full academic scholarship.

"i will be majoring i international studies and spanish, a double major.

I will be focusing on international development on a pre-law track.

In the future i hope my career deals with global diplomacy, and my long term goal is to become a u.s. ambassador and learn a second language."

Turner says she's always done well in school... however... she admits...receiving all of her recent success was a bit overwhelming... "i'm not surprised, but i a surprised at the same time, because i do know that i work hard for everything.

I try my best to do as much as i can."

"she excelled in everything made straight a's.

Since the sixth grade.

She did everything with a smile."

Turner credits her family and school leaders for her success... now she's hoping to serve as an inspiration for others following in her footsteps..

"being from my columbus yo see a lot of things happening here.

My main thing for me to achieve all of this is to be able to be a role model for those around me."

I guess you can say high academic achievement runs in the family..turner's younger sister received the highest g-p-a among freshman at columbus high school... detergent pods may look cool - and are easy to use.

But should liqu lau liquid laundry detergent packets are popular for their convenience.

But a new study suggests more needs to be done to prevent poisonings.

Hilary lane has more.

New research finds us poison control centers received nearly 73,000 calls over 5 years for liquid laundry detergent packets.

Despite a new product safety standard adopted in 2015, the study in pediatrics shows only an 18 percent decrease in exposures in children under 6.

8 deaths were associated with ingestion of the packets..

Two in children under 1 year old and six in adults with a history of dementia.

If you have young children or if you have at risk older seniors these really shouldn't be in your house.

The study also finds eye injuries from the popular products are increasing in adults..

With 700 people ending up in the er last year.

They pop and they squirt up your face.

And if you get it in your eye it can be a significant injury henry spiller is the director of the central ohio poison center at nationwide children's hospital.

He says more needs to be done to prevent accidental exposures.

Researchers say liquid laundry detergent packets are more toxic than the traditional liquid and powder, and that more study is needed to determine how the packet contents can be made less toxic.

Hilary lane cbs news new york.

Coffee lovers now have scientific evidence that it's safe for your heart to have as much coffee as you want- up to 25 cups a day!

That's according to a new study.

James dinan explains.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- coffee lovers have been getting mixed messages about their favorite drink for years.

Including previous studies that suggest coffee is bad for your heart.

It was believed that coffee could cause a stiffening of the arteries, which would put pressure on your heart and increase your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

But a new study from queen mary university of london the british heart association says the opposite.

It found that drinking five or more cups a day was no worse for the arteries than drinking less than a cup.

The more than 8-thousand participants in the study were divided into three groups.

The first consumed less than one cup a day.

The second, drank between one and three.

And the third group drank more than three cups - with some drinking up to 25 a day.

The participants then underwent an m-r-i heart scan and infrared pulse wave tests, with the results showing no difference in their heart health considering factors such as their age, weight and smoking status.

So is coffee good for you?

Well this study doesn't determine that.

But it is good news for those of you who love your cup of joe.

For today's health minute, i'm james dinan.

It's the end of an era.

At the worldwide developer conference in san jose, california this week, apple announced it's phasing out the popular music app.

Mary moloney has a closer look at what will replace itunes.

Singing goodbye to itunes.

Nearly two decades after apple disrupted the music industry by changing the way we buy songs..

The tech giant is mixing things up again.

Craig federighi / senior vp of software engineering: "th future of apple music, our itunes is not one app but three."

At its worldwide developer conference-- apple announced it plans to shut down itunes.

It will be replaced with three dedicated apps: one for podcasts.

An apple tv app for movies and shows and upcoming original content from apple.

And a music app that will still allow you to listen to your favorite tunes.

All of these will be available on apple desktops in addition to phones and tablets.

Craig federighi / senior vp of software engineering: "it ha all the powerful music features you expect from itunes all while being blazingly fast."

Tech experts say the move is not a major surprise-- because the company has been pushing users towards its apple music subscription service.

This way-- instead of making money only when you buy songs-- apple can charge a monthly fee for unlimited content.

Tech experts say this boosts revenue and allows apple to compete with existing music streaming services.

Apple says it will phase out the app with the introduction of a new desktop operating system.

For consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney.

When we come back, we will talk with our travel agent kelly mckellar.

Should you buy yoare an you are planning your vacation.

Where to stay.

What to do.

Places to eat.

So, do you need to protect your investment?

Our travel agent kelly mckellar is here this morning with some thoughts about travel protection.

Kelly, is it worth the investment?

What if your child got the stomach bug the night before the trip?

What if 2 family members caught the flu days before the trip?

What if your suitcase gets lost?

What if there was a hurricane during your cruise?

What if you got sick during your cruise?

And worse... what if you had a catastrophic event happen during your trip?

- why buy travel protection?

- when is it 100% necessary?

- how much is it?

- who to purchase travel protection from?

- how to file a claim in the event that something does happen?

Rebecca hall >> grandparents that are going to take the reins children do not grandchildren said favor very very sick, what are we going to do only went to disney so we were able to change things around thursday they did have to pay a fee for the likely we could do that so it really is the policy where you're going so you need to check that out okay so depending on if you're going to disney or universal, cruise going to single speech is unique there can elation policy and no one ever will and that are beyond your control plan like that i got the stomach the opposite work lately she doesn't know and there is so money on on and you wish had happened in my family to win ito you can protect yourself in some ways especially if you have a big invest the best it in a disney cruise and you save them a lot of money several thousand dollars on the disney cruise there are times that i say 100 in the travel cruises traveling out of the country were detrimental that you have traveled section how closely is it's usually around five it's usually around 5 to 8% of your total price of your vacation airfare included that's going to make it go up to because you're covering more than just a hotel stay where do i travel there are several independent sources that you can purchase travel protection from a lot of races included with the package and i the porcelain option of paying that's right and good to all encompassed in what you're about to do that as well your travel agent can help you through that either the steps in which you made also in making claims that say something does happen and you end up having to file a claim because during your trip you wanted to complete all the things she went and got sick of the kids that save travel agent can help you to file this claim here is a very common and that is on vacation that is luggage or the left luggage for you in those scenarios could travel insurance help you can you want to just because they now put on luggage can be and they can be tracked phone so you where your luggage is when it's loaded onto the airplane right i in the that it still gets walls delayed you out as you think you shall nicely will i as you well you and i just is to carry on you to get there with every need you that would be included bottom line is travel insurance is for you to has been discovered within the bigger the investor more money definitely for traveling outside the us cruise i 100% by travel protection you think you return to ashe wld as the world remembers d-day this week, we have brought you stories of valor and bravery.

Through the years, many d- day veterans have returned to normandy.

But few have done so-- as dramatically as tom rice, formerly of the 101st airborne division.

Mark phillips has his story.

Tom rice has been to normandy before, but the reception then was a lot less welcoming.


Tom rice is ninety-seven now.

Seventy- five years ago he was part of the vanguard of the d-day invasion.


He was among the 18-thousand paratroopers who would be dropped behind enemy lines.

Their job -- to prevent german reinforcements from reaching the front as the main invasion force stormed the beaches.

Chase 'em out, run 'em across fields, through cemeteries, jumping over tombstones, chase 'em all the way back to the german border as fast as we can.

Tom rice has come back to the field where he landed that night.

The story he now tells to current soldiers is of a mission that didn't start well.

I swung in and hit the side of the aircraft arcraft and the second time i was able to straighten my arm because i caught in the lower left of the armpit ééeditééé it was dark, dark, dark.

Apart from all the hurricane of all that fire coming up real bad i'm glad they moved away from that.

Tom rice could have just accepted the thanks of the french nation here.

But he had other ideas.

He came back to jump again.


I got a replacement left knee and the right knee is a little sore.

But we're going to ignore that.

Why are you doing this?

I do this because i like to and it's an extended dimension of maybe my personality.

The plan was to jump in tandem, harnessed along with art shaffer.

He's jumped at a lot of these events over the years, so it's not his first one.

Not his first rodeo.

Not his first rodeo, correct.

There aren't too many ninety- seven year old rodeo riders.

But there is one ninety-seven year old parachuter... arriving in daylight and waving the flag this time& a different kind of jump requiring a different kind of bravery.

Tom, how does this jump compare to the last one?

They weren't shooting at me this time.

Tom rice, a returning hero, who fell from the sky.

Mp cbs news, normandy.

We'll he had c he's had a career that's spanned more than five decades, but "th secret life of pets two" is th first time harrison ford has performed a voice in an animated film.

Rick damigella talked with ford about his role at the movie's premiere.

--lead in-- --reporter pkg-as follows-- "hello citizens!

The animated antics of our furry friends continue in "th secret life of pets two."

"why is there a lampshade o your head?"

"my owner might have given m a little bit of cat nip."

"in this movie there's the ide of mounting the insurmountable, being afraid and with the help of your friends and looking into yourself you can take on big obstacles.

Like that's a great message!"

"you do know your owner i just playing superhero, right?"

Patton oswalt takes over the role of lead canine, "max.

"even though you're not o camera doing animation, you're using the same amount of physicality, and energy to bring about whatever it is you're playing in the scene, if you're exhausted, if you're freaked out, so you know, they're kind of the same for me."

"my therapist says i need it.

It' a medical device.

These doctors, ah!!"

"there, you're cured hallelujah."

The movie marks harrison ford's first role in an animated film.

"it's always storytelling that's what it's about.

Trying to, trying to create a character that helps tell the story.

And i had a great time doing it.

The people that are working, directi, and producing it are terrific at what they're doing."

"dog's got two things in thi life.

His water bowl and his dignity.

In hollywood, i'm rick damigella.


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