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Did Empire Actor Jussie Smollett Fake His Own Attack?

did empire actor jussie smollett fake his own attack?
by Adam Yardley - Jussie Smollett – an actor known for appearing on Fox’s TV series Empire – has found himself at the center of media attention in the last few days, and not for his..
One News Page Staff - Published

Brexit: Who Is the Independent Group?

brexit: who is the independent group?
by Stephanie Boyd - As if matters on Brexit couldn’t get more complicated, it seems this week that a number of UK politicians have decided to take a stance and break away from their main parties..
One News Page Staff - Published

Bernie Sanders Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

bernie sanders launches 2020 presidential bid
by Simon Baxendale - While the US General Election of 2016 was notable in many ways, the lead-up was just as dramatic. For the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton managed to knock out all of her rival..
One News Page Staff - Published

The Next James Bond Movie Gets Pushed Back – Again

the next james bond movie gets pushed back – again
by Graham Pierrepoint - If there’s a movie which appears to be going through something of an unbalanced production in recent years, it seems to be the next James Bond movie. While the Bond..
One News Page Staff - Published

Twitter Retains Private Messages Even After They’re Deleted – Report

twitter retains private messages even after they’re deleted – report
by Simon Baxendale - In a day and age where so much of our lives are based online, it would be nice to think that whenever we choose to ‘delete’ something, they remain..
One News Page Staff - Published

Why Are Indian Lawmakers Pushing for ‘Tiktok’ to Be Banned?

why are indian lawmakers pushing for ‘tiktok’ to be banned?
by Alice Monroe - TikTok – a popular app which allows users to create their own short musical clips and segues – continues to rank highly in download charts in the West, having originated..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump Declares State of Emergency - And Could Be Getting Sued as a Result

trump declares state of emergency - and could be getting sued as a result
by Alice Monroe - The ongoing political fracas between Donald Trump and Congress with regard to the funding of his proposed border wall with the US and Mexico appears to have been knocked up a gear,..
One News Page Staff - Published

Opportunity Bows Out - NASA Says Goodbye to Mars Rover

opportunity bows out - nasa says goodbye to mars rover
by Alice Monroe - Saying goodbye can be hard – and NASA are certainly finding that out this week, after it emerged that one of their trusty Mars rovers, Opportunity, will no longer be traversing..
One News Page Staff - Published

Frozen 2 Trailer Finally Debuts - Is It a Hit?

frozen 2 trailer finally debuts - is it a hit?
by Graham Pierrepoint - Disney has continued to ride the crest of a critical wave with their most recent animated output, with movies from Tangled all the way to 2018’s Ralph Breaks the Internet..
One News Page Staff - Published

El Chapo Found Guilty – Mexican Drug Kingpin Faces Life in Jail

el chapo found guilty – mexican drug kingpin faces life in jail
by Stephanie Boyd - After a three-month trial in New York, infamous drug baron Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman has been found guilty of drug trafficking on no less than ten separate counts. ..
One News Page Staff - Published

Time to Light the Lights! Rumors Suggest the Muppets Are Heading Back to TV

time to light the lights! rumors suggest the muppets are heading back to tv
by Graham Pierrepoint - The Muppets are undoubtedly some of the most enduring TV and film characters in US history. The brainchild of puppet master Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and co have..
One News Page Staff - Published

Hawaii Considers Increasing Smoking Age to 100 Years Old

hawaii considers increasing smoking age to 100 years old
by Simon Baxendale - Many countries and localities have different laws when it comes to age thresholds for smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. Many states in the US have their own laws and..
One News Page Staff - Published

No Host for 2019 Oscars – but Big-Name Presenters Revealed

no host for 2019 oscars – but big-name presenters revealed
by Alice Monroe - Following comedian and actor Kevin Hart’s resignation from hosting duties at this year’s Academy Awards, speculation has been rife as to who could step in and take his..
One News Page Staff - Published

Did Nancy Pelosi 'Clap Back' at Trump's State of the Union Speech?

did nancy pelosi 'clap back' at trump's state of the union speech?
by Stephanie Boyd - For some time, it was unclear whether or not US President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was going to happen at all this February. Following the longest US..
One News Page Staff - Published

Super Bowl LIII: Why Aren't Spongebob Fans Happy?

super bowl liii: why aren't spongebob fans happy?
by Adam Yardley - The NFL Super Bowl half-time show is always something of a spectacle in and of itself. Usually subject to an immense amount of mystery and intrigue leading up to the big event,..
One News Page Staff - Published

Elon Musk Releases Tesla Patents for Free – in the Name of Climate Change

elon musk releases tesla patents for free – in the name of climate change
by Stephanie Boyd - While 2018 may well have been a year of mixed news as far as Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is concerned – at least with regard to his car firm’s financial performance..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump Takes Down the US-Russia Nuclear Arms Control Treaty

trump takes down the us-russia nuclear arms control treaty
by Adam Yardley - In a move which was heralded late last year but which has been on the back-burner amid the Mueller investigation and the government shutdown, Donald Trump’s White House has..
One News Page Staff - Published

The Polar Vortex Continues to Claim Lives

the polar vortex continues to claim lives
by Alice Monroe - Death toll rises to 21 as US cold snap continues -- The US Midwest continues to bear witness to one of its worst cold snaps in recent history, and it appears that as the freezing..
One News Page Staff - Published

Brexit: Will the UK Have to Keep Paying the EU?

brexit: will the uk have to keep paying the eu?
by Simon Baxendale - Another week has gone by, and it has – as always – been another dramatic week for Brexit, and for UK Prime Minister Theresa May. In brief, May has managed to get..
One News Page Staff - Published

Apple Acknowledges Worrying FaceTime Flaw on 'National Privacy Day'

apple acknowledges worrying facetime flaw on 'national privacy day'
by Alice Monroe - On Tuesday 29th, the US heralded what was known as ‘National Privacy Day’ – an initiative backed by the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took to Twitter to extoll..
One News Page Staff - Published

The US Government Reopens – but Only Temporarily

the us government reopens – but only temporarily
by Adam Yardley - At 35 days, President Trump’s recent partial US government shutdown was the longest in recent history. As it appeared that federal workers were facing a second month without..
One News Page Staff - Published

Facebook Looks Set to Merge Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

facebook looks set to merge instagram, messenger and whatsapp
by Stephanie Boyd - After a turbulent 2018 – where Facebook faced scandals over user data privacy, bugs and more besides – the firm appears to be looking firmly to the future, despite..
One News Page Staff - Published

The Doomsday Clock Freezes – at Two Minutes to Midnight

the doomsday clock freezes – at two minutes to midnight
by Adam Yardley - While many people use plenty of different news sources to keep tabs on what’s happening in the wider world, there has always been one fixture that’s always been a good..
One News Page Staff - Published

Mining of the Moon to Begin: ESA Signs Contract

mining of the moon to begin: esa signs contract
by Stephanie Boyd - 2019 will be a very important year for the Moon – not only has there already been footage sent back from the reported ‘dark side’ in recent weeks, but we will..
One News Page Staff - Published

2019 Oscar Nominees Revealed

2019 oscar nominees revealed
by Graham Pierrepoint - We’re coming up to Academy Awards season again – and with Hollywood set to play host to the biggest cinematic winners of the year on February 24th, the runners and..
One News Page Staff - Published

Blood Moon 2019: Skywatchers Enjoy Cosmic Spectacle During Lunar Eclipse

blood moon 2019: skywatchers enjoy cosmic spectacle during lunar eclipse
by Marc Pinter-Krainer - Imagine you could see the sunsets occurring around the globe all at once. To achieve this feat you would need to leave Earth, positioning yourself at a far enough distance to..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump: 'Resign or Be Impeached' - Cohen Allegations Bring New Drama

trump: 'resign or be impeached' - cohen allegations bring new drama
by Adam Yardley - 2019 is still very young indeed, and yet the ongoing dramas facing US President Donald Trump seem to be getting warmed up despite the cold snap. Amid a partial government shutdown..
One News Page Staff - Published

Private Tweets May Have Been Public for Several Years - Warns Twitter

private tweets may have been public for several years - warns twitter
by Alice Monroe - We’re only a short way into 2019 and we are already looking at a fresh scandal with regard to social media – and Facebook, at least, can breathe a sigh of relief. ..
One News Page Staff - Published

Rudy Giuliani on Trump Campaign: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion'

rudy giuliani on trump campaign: 'i never said there was no collusion'
by Stephanie Boyd - While the US government continues to undergo a partial shutdown amid President Donald Trump requesting over $5 billion to fund a border wall against Mexico – and while the..
One News Page Staff - Published

A Stark Warning for Coffee Drinkers – Many Species Set to Go Extinct

a stark warning for coffee drinkers – many species set to go extinct
by Stephanie Boyd - You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, as the saying goes – and according to recent studies undertaken by scientists, over half of the world’s..
One News Page Staff - Published

Theresa May's Brexit Deal Is Defeated by Record Majority

theresa may's brexit deal is defeated by record majority
by Simon Baxendale - UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who has been at the center of debate with regard to a deal she proposed for the country to leave the European Union, has faced a major defeat in..
One News Page Staff - Published

Netflix Facing Lawsuit Over 'Bandersnatch'

netflix facing lawsuit over 'bandersnatch'
by Alice Monroe - Bandersnatch, a hugely creative multiple-choice interactive movie offered up by Black Mirror for Netflix over the holiday season, has taken on a life of its own. Even now, weeks..
One News Page Staff - Published

Apple Set to Release Three New iPhones – Amid Stock Market Woes

apple set to release three new iphones – amid stock market woes
by Simon Baxendale - It’s hardly been a good few weeks for Apple. While the brand continues to battle it out alongside Samsung and Huawei for global supremacy with regard to the smartphone..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump Backtracks on Mexico Having to Pay for His Wall Outright

trump backtracks on mexico having to pay for his wall outright
by Stephanie Boyd - US President Donald Trump’s proposal of a border wall between the US and Mexico became a lynchpin of his 2016 Presidential campaign – and it has continued to be the..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump Shutdown Speech: Democrats Blamed for 'Humanitarian Crisis'

trump shutdown speech: democrats blamed for 'humanitarian crisis'
by Alice Monroe - We’re just over a week into 2019 and the US partial governmental shutdown continues to affect workers and agencies across the nation. US President Donald Trump has remained..
One News Page Staff - Published

'No Deal' Brexit Made Harder by MP Vote

'no deal' brexit made harder by mp vote
by Simon Baxendale - Brexit – where the UK will leave the European Union in just over two months’ time – has been more than fairly complicated for those at the top, not just for..
One News Page Staff - Published

UK Doctors: Screens Aren't Necessarily Bad for Childrens' Health

uk doctors: screens aren't necessarily bad for childrens' health
by Stephanie Boyd - The growing dependency upon smartphones – let alone TV and videogames remaining hugely popular with children – has provided parents with plenty to worry about over the..
One News Page Staff - Published

Ed Sheeran Loses Appeal Against Gaye Lawsuit

ed sheeran loses appeal against gaye lawsuit
by Alice Monroe - News has emerged this week that singer-songwriter sensation Ed Sheeran, who has sold millions of records worldwide, will continue to face a plagiarism lawsuit with regard to one of..
One News Page Staff - Published

Billy Connolly: 'My Life Is Slipping Away – I'm Near the End'

billy connolly: 'my life is slipping away – i'm near the end'
by Adam Yardley - Billy Connolly – one of the UK’s best-known and best-loved comedians and comic actors – has often spoken candidly regarding his health, and in recent months, he has..
One News Page Staff - Published

Netflix Warns Viewers Against the 'Bird Box' Challenge

netflix warns viewers against the 'bird box' challenge
by Simon Baxendale - It’s 2019 and not only is there already a major home-grown movie for Netflix to rave about, but it seems there is already a fairly harmful trend emerging in the maiden days..
One News Page Staff - Published

Russia's 'Most Advanced Robot' Is Just a Man in a Suit

russia's 'most advanced robot' is just a man in a suit
by Alice Monroe - Technology is evolving before our very eyes all the time, sometimes to a scary extent. More often than not, too, we aren’t able to believe our eyes – however, it seems..
One News Page Staff - Published

New Study Suggests Black Holes Could 'Erase Your Past'

new study suggests black holes could 'erase your past'
by Alice Monroe - If there’s anything that’s been mystifying astronomers for decades upon decades now, it’s the black hole. Black holes are mysterious rifts in space where,..
One News Page Staff - Published

A New World Discovered a Billion Miles Beyond Pluto

a new world discovered a billion miles beyond pluto
by Stephanie Boyd - NASA probe survives flyby of the icy world known as Ultima Thule The universe is an unimaginably colossal place. It is perhaps beyond our own comprehension just how huge the..
One News Page Staff - Published

Happy New Year From One News Page

happy new year from one news page
by Graham Pierrepoint - It’s hard to believe, but we’re already at the end of another year – and what a year it has been. As always, we’re looking forward to another year of..
One News Page Staff - Published

Our Five Most Disappointing Movies of 2018

our five most disappointing movies of 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint - It’s been a very vivid year for film – mainly on the positive side. 2018 has been a year where we’ve been seriously spoilt for choice in terms of fantastic..
One News Page Staff - Published

One New Page's Top Ten Movies of 2018

one new page's top ten movies of 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint - Here we are again – what a year it’s been for film. As always, regardless of original review scores, here is our official rundown, in ranked order, of the best..
One News Page Staff - Published

A Look Back at Those We Lost in 2018

a look back at those we lost in 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint - 2018 has, sadly, been another year of big losses across all manner of fields and industries. It is a fact of life that there will never be a year where we won’t be..
One News Page Staff - Published

Swedish Music Festival Bans Male Guests – and Is Found Guilty of Discrimination

swedish music festival bans male guests – and is found guilty of discrimination
by Stephanie Boyd - In a landscape where movements such as #MeToo continue to bring forward important debate regarding the treatment of women in society and throughout industry, more and more crucial..
One News Page Staff - Published

Trump: 'Either We Build the Wall, or We Close the Border'

trump: 'either we build the wall, or we close the border'
by Alice Monroe - US President Donald Trump’s ceremonious holiday partial lockdown continues, as the US government looks set to remain halfway shut well into 2019. The partial shutdown of..
One News Page Staff - Published

Saturn Is Rapidly Losing Its Rings

saturn is rapidly losing its rings
by Adam Yardley - Most of the celestial bodies in our solar system have one or two quirks about them – to say the least – that makes them particularly special or noteworthy! From..
One News Page Staff - Published

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