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This Week in History: November 12th - November 18th

One News Page Staff Monday, 12 November 2018
This Week in History: November 12th - November 18thby 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Yes – we’re trudging even further into November now – and that is by no means going to slow down the progress of our ever-ready time machine! As always, it’s that time again – to take a few trips down memory lane to see what went down years, decades and centuries ago. Strap in tight!

November 12th, 1910 – The First Movie Stunt on Record?
Stuntmen and women’s craft dates back as far as 100 years ago, it seems, as a recorded event of a man jumping from a burning hot air balloon into the Hudson river seems to have set the ball rolling.
Famous Birthday: Neil Young (Musician), 73

November 13th, 1940 – ‘Fantasia’ Released
Arguably recognized by many as Disney’s magnum opus, this animated traverse through opera standards has long since set the tone for many cartoons and features in the decades since. It was released on this day 78 years ago!
Famous Birthday: Whoopi Goldberg (Actor), 63

November 14th, 1908 – Let There Be Light
Albert Einstein – perhaps one of the most famous and important physicists of all time – put forward his epoch-making proposal for his quantum theory of light 110 years ago today.
Famous Birthday: HRH The Prince of Wales, 70

November 15th, 1904 – The Cutting Edge
Where were we ever before without razor blades? King C Gillette patented the hugely popular Gillette blades on this day 114 years ago – and it remains a leading brand to this very day.
Famous Birthday: Alexander O’Neal (Musician), 65

November 16th, 1959 – The Hills Are Alive!
Perhaps more famous now for its movie adaptation starring Julie Andrews – Rodgers and Hammerstein’s immensely popular The Sound of Music debuted for the first time at the Lunt Fontanne Theater in New York City on this day.
Famous Birthday: Frank Bruno (World Champion Boxer), 57

November 17th, 2003 – Britney Makes Hollywood Walk History
By 2003, in just four short years, Britney Spears became arguably the most important pop star on the planet – and on this day, she made Hollywood Walk of Fame history by getting a Star of her own. At the age of 21, she was the youngest singer of all time to receive such an honor.
Famous Birthday: Neil Gaiman (Author), 58

November 18th, 1902 – The Teddy Bear is Named
Stuffed bears were never the same again after today – as Morris Michton, a toymaker in Brooklyn, named the now iconic toy after Theodore Roosevelt, the legendary US President.
Famous Birthday: Owen Wilson (Actor), 50

Join us for more time travelling this time next week!


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