J.J. Abrams shows off Star Wars clip inside Fortnite, and now lightsabers are in the game

The Verge


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is so inescapable that it’s even started invading video games. This afternoon, director J.J. Abrams stopped by a unique location to show off a new clip from the movie: Risky Reels, the drive-in theater on Fortnite’s virtual island. It was a unique promotional event for the film, which naturally ended with a lightsaber duel.

The event opened with Abrams arriving on the Millennium Falcon, amidst a battle with some TIE fighters and a few Star Destroyers. There was even an in-game avatar that looked remarkably like the director. After a bit of a preamble with host Geoff Keighley — best known as the host and creator of The Game Awards — a massive floating display appeared. The brief, exclusive clip of Rise of...

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