One News Page's Big Picks for 2020 Movies - What's Coming Up?

One News Page Staff


by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Following a slight gap in our movie review schedule, and following this year’s Oscars, we’d like to take a quick look at some of the bigger movies that are going to head our way over the next eleven months. It’s hard to believe it’s February already – but these are movies which will be set to capture our interest, for better or for worse, in 2020. While we take time to readjust, be sure to watch out for these movies in our reviews section in the coming weeks and months!


Following a false-start with a truly hideous redesign for the big screen, the early word on the street for Sonic’s movie debut looks to be ‘so bad, it’s good’. Could it be the best-performing video game movie of all time? The ONP movies team is holding its collective breath – meaning by this time next week, we may well know whether or not it deserves a slot alongside Angry Birds 2.


Pixar’s intriguing take on fantasy fun seems utterly bonkers, and while the studio has had a real hit-and-miss couple of years, it’s nice to seem them get back to original stories. Onward promises to be a big, blue buddy comedy that’s heading to cinemas in the next couple of weeks. Will it convert on the huge score (and One News Page Movie of the Year 2018 Accolade) the studio scored for Coco? Let’s wait and see.


Does A Quiet Place really need a sequel? The debut movie was creative, scary, and gripping in equal measure. With slight cast changes and the chance to build on meagre lore from the first movie, this could be a shock triumph critically and financially.


Disney continues to roll out their live action remakes, and the brilliant 1998 animated movie Mulan is next on the board. Personally? The initial trailers don’t seem to look too interesting – but time will tell. If Disney drops the ball on this the same way they failed spectacularly with Dumbo and The Lion King, it might just be time to funnel these money-spinning pictures over to Disney+ instead.


Yet another take on the X-Men stable, this take on the Marvel mutants has been stuck in development hell for what feels like decades. Positive reactions to trailers – to the very fact they exist at all – likely bode well. If it does anything more than wipe the memory of Dark Phoenix from our minds, it’s likely to score big. Time will tell – but is anyone sick of superhero movies yet?


Not us! Marvel’s maiden voyage in 2020 holds all the way back into May, when we will finally be getting a prequel and backstory based around the mysterious Natasha Romanoff. Quite how this will go down is anyone’s guess – but if the old Marvel charm and polish is still going strong, we’ll probably be on course for a winning combination.


The idea of Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson staring in a Saw spinoff movie is still pretty bizarre – but the trailer and pressings for Spiral seem to be taking things in a strange new direction. Will it work? We’ll have to see – but with worthy actors at the helm, this could very much be a surprise in the making. Odd that it’s got a spring release – as a horror movie – but this could be an eye-opener in a good way.


Replicating the success of Wonder Woman is going to be a tough one. DC doesn’t have much in the way of box office success beyond that and Aquaman in recent years – meaning this visually striking take on Diana Prince’s adventures in the 80s is going to need to do something really special.


Was the reboot of Ghostbusters really four years ago? Time flies when you’re trying to forget about awful movies! This movie strives to undo all the damage of that ill-advised remake, with a new take on the existing Ghostbusters universe set to revolve around the family of the late Dr Spengler. Paul Rudd’s involved, too, which is a definite plus.


Are these movies still being made? I’ll not hold my breath – but Illumination can squeeze anything other than familiarity out of this franchise, it’ll be a big surprise.


The movie that was 30 years in the making – but is the franchise still relevant? Probably not, but with so many of us clutching onto nostalgia of all kinds, it’s worth revisiting these great characters. We’re excited for this one – but again, time will tell if it pulls off.

Therefore, - from the above – you can clearly see that there are plenty of chances for hits and misses! What are you looking forward to? Stick with One News Page and we’ll give you the lowdown on as much as we can as soon as we can.